Brother Angelos "THIS BEAST WILL FALL!"

Ordered to scout above the treeline to any points of interest. I jumped high above, I witnessed a city under attack from Tyranids, off to the distance I saw an Obelisk standing above. With the need for battle and the tests it brings. I told Brother G’heirnat only the city, omitting details of the obelisk. We left the treeline, and above the sky, I saw the flight of a humongeous tyranid flying. With such a creature, I knew this beast must fall. When the Kill-team halted, I continued forward, taking off the helmet, showing the brothers the Scar of Grayden upon my skull, I charged in memory of the Battle for my fallen brothers.
Taking advantage of my speed, I took the advantage of my stalker-pattern bolter, taking aim upon the creature I continued fire. The Harridan shocked me as it fired a corrossive slime against me. The blast made a crater with me at the center. I could feel the skin upon my face burn as the hair singed and melted off. By some miracle I survived and stood standing. I tactically withdrew to gain more distance. Continuing with great accuracy to wound the creature.

As the beast was faltering I felt the desire to end it by blade. But alas, the genophage granted to us, fell the creature, Turning myself around I descended upon the synapse creature to end this battle once and for all. Clashing into the beast, I destroyed him. Unwary of the creature spawned by the witches power. After the glorious feat done by Sister Ruby with many creatures dead by her alone.

I collected the head of the Tyranid Shrike, to show my feat to the captain who we are under for this mission. I preceded to feast the unclean beast, using a drop of the one before me, ALPHASCARSCLASSIFIED
‘A guiding light amongst the feast of the corrupted’

I saw the opprotunity to reveal the obleisk I saw. Some questioned why I did not see it, I ommited the truth, “I cannot control the weather, as either natural or the cause of the Tyranid attack, the area was hidden behind thick cloud coverage.”
Luckily no one could disprove my tale, as only one could but she did not take flight.
It was worth for the glorious battle, but still Brother G’heirnat has shown little in the battle to remove the stain he burdened us with.

(did not witness the Daemon Prince battle, and it was barely wounded so it doesn’t count!)

We entered the city, the people gathering before us, with murmurs. A single man displayed such arrogance and belittling the Astartes and the faithful. Brother Aoner took word to the populace, with that I revealed the skull of one of their patrols that dishonored us by turn-coating and firing upon us. I smashed this faithless and corrupted skull against the ground for all to see.

One who spoke to us, about how we are hated and feared. I told the man, “How would you feel if I slaughtered everyone.” Fumbling words about their strength, “No, I will slaughter everyone.” The Ultramarine telling the man about our mission and honor-oathing the man so lightly. I sense another story false of the chapter who so blindly follow the book their primarch wrote. I do not trust him and his willingness to collaborate with those who falsify in the dark against the emperor.

In light of this, I find new respect for the Space Wolf and Psyker Brother Aoner. It has come down to twice those of that same chapter, held a sense of honor and duty. I find myself less hateful of his position, and will fight for his honor should anyone test it.

Brother Angelos "THIS BEAST WILL FALL!"

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