Brother Angelos "Within Madness"

The Thunder Hawk carrying the Kill Team entered the atmosphere of the planet. A battle brewed with the local Imperial Guard Garrison and a new Xenos I have never seen. I requested to join the battle below for a chance of glory and to not let the emperor’s assets be put to waste. The other members did not join, I went alone for the charge. Opening the hatch of the Thunder Hawk, I lept out and boosted myself to the battle below.
Slamming into the ground below, the creatures realized that now before them. Stood an Angel of Death. The blood of many foes I have conquered stained the power armor I carry. In a moment of fear the panicked them. I engaged the foes with fury crying to them,


I slain many, Finally I come face to face with their leader figure. With such a feat, in the glory of unknown creatures to my chapter. I holstered the arms that had its fill with the blood of my enemies. I charged the creature. We engaged in unarmed combat. It’s prowess with martial skill was suprising, but I will not back down so easily. Gripping the creatures throat, I laid my foot into the stomach of the creature. Taking both my hands I grab the beak of the creature. Pulling both away, as bones shatter and break, I could feel the blood boil within me as I tore the avian creatures beaks from its head. It’s blood gushing out and staining my armor. As the battle ended, I collected the creature’s head for the ritual appointed from my chapter’s Apothecary, Chaplin, and the Lord’s Council.

- Kroot Shapers Misshapened Beak’s Head.

Brother Angelos "Within Madness"

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