Brother Aoner's Saga- Greenhorn

Aoner and his Battle-Brothers easily laid waste to the foul Greenskins guarding the massive cave complex. Striding boldly into caves, the Battle-Brothers were confronted with the noise of monstrous hordes of the pestilent xenos converging on them.

Bravely, Aoner waded into the melee, scything through the despicable creatures with an ease that only a Space Marine could. Skillful Aoner quickly made his way to the monstrous leader of the horde, the Greenskin known as Greenhorn.

With a ferocity only a wolf can muster, Aoner attacked the brutish beast. Once, twice, thrice proud Aoner struck the beast. And thrice were the blows returned. Battered, Aoner battled on. Attack and counterattack, block and cut, the savage waged war on Aoner. Now missing an eye, Aoner battled on.

Aoner remained steadfast in his duty, and with a heroic gifted his Brothers with the time needed to break the horde that battered at them with wave after wave. Mighty Aoner remained embroiled in his clash with the beast, even as his Brothers won their way through to his side.

Honorable Wolf-Brother Lance laid low the beast with his well aimed bolter fire. Only after did he realize his mistake, as Aoner and the beast were both engulfed in the ensuing explosions. Amidst the ash and smoke Aoner became visible, shrouded in the remains of his destroyed armor.

Aoner stood, despite his many injuries, and roared with approval as he witnessed the proof of the destruction of the beasts lying before him.

-Excerpt from the Saga of Aoner

Brother Aoner's Saga- Greenhorn

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