Brother Dante's Personal Log: 3 "Fearful Symmetry"

Security Cam Footage
Retrieved from the private files of Brother Dante

Date: Unknown
Time: Missing
Location: Classified

Two Adeptus Astartes, clad in the markings of the Ravenwing of the Dark Angles chapter, watch as two servitors perform maintenance on a third Astartes lying on a medical table before them. The armor of the third Astartes has been nearly completely removed, leaving him only in his blackened breastplate which one servitor is currently etching upon. The second servitor is busy running maintenance on the Astartes’ newly attached bionic leg.

Ravenwing 1: Deathwatch or not, having the name of that Space Wolf etched onto your armor feels like an affront to all we stand for.

Astartes 1: He is as much a battle brother to me as you are, Ashton. I shall deny him no honor based solely on his origins.

Ashton [Ravenwing 1]: I am just glad Master Sammual is not here to see such desecration.

Astartes 1: We must find a way to evolve past ancient grievances, brother. Otherwise, we may find ourselves destroyed by the past.

Ravenwing 2: I must agree with our brother on the matter, Ashton. Besides, has no one adhered to ancient traditions better than Dante? Perhaps with this honor, this Space Wolf of yours will rise to your challenge and grace us with a duel before we must leave?

Dante [Astartes 1]: Perhaps. But it will not be as easy a match as I faced before. I do not believe brother Aoner will succumb easily, he seems to possess his primarch’s strength and ferocity in battle.

The group is interrupted by the entrance of two robbed figures wearing signs of the Inquisition. The two Ravenwing guard reluctantly shy away allowing the Inquisition figures to approach the third Astartes. Waving off the servitors, the Astartes rises from the table and stands before the Inquisition figures. Despite his lack of armor, he still towers over the two robed figures, although he does seem rather unsteady on his new leg.

Inquisition 1: Dante of the Deathwatch, we were quite disheartened that you couldn’t join us today.

Dante [Astartes 1]: I am afraid the medical procedures could not be rushed.

Inquisition 1: Yes, well we’re glad to see you in one piece, so to speak. However, before we leave I felt it best I hear from you directly. My superiors are not happy that we lost our artifact at your behest.

Dante [Astartes 1]: You have my initial report on the matter. I was forced to make a command decision and your chaos artifact was not deemed of significant importance.

Inquisition 1: I do not believe the people I work for will think the same…

Dante [Astartes 1]: Then I am sure Sergeant Agamorr will appreciate that I was in command, and not your superiors.

Inquisition 1: This isn’t about the Sergeant, this is about your failure to follow orders. Had we known you would ignore your responsibilities, we would have found someone more fit to lead this excursion.

The Ravenwing guard advance forward, startling the Inquisition figures.

Ashton [Ravenwing 1]: Do not assume your position allows for such insults, Inquisitor.

Inquisition 1: No offense intended. I was simply trying to remind the man which organization he serves.

Dante [Astartes 1]: I serve the Emperor. And I do not believe he would fault me for the destruction of chaos taint.

Inquisition 1: We will remember that.

Dante [Astartes 1]: You have my report. I believe we are done now.

The Inquisition figures depart as the Astartes returns to his place on the table and the servitors return to their work.

Ashton [Ravenwing 1]: You have become quite confrontational during your time away, I see.

Dante [Astartes 1]: It should make you proud to learn your lessons finally sunk in.

The video bleeds to static and then cuts out after a few seconds.

Brother Dante's Personal Log: 3 "Fearful Symmetry"

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