Brother Mcleod's Personal Log- "Final Sanction"

Last hours of Brother Mcleod

Traveling from the PDF HQ to relieve the defenders of the Blind Saint Brother Mcleod felt a great shadow of foreboding. It was as if the emperor’s light had been stripped from him and he was alone against mankind’s enemies.

So deep in thought was Brother Mcleod that he did not even realize that they had arrived several blocks from Blind Saint and Brother G’heirnat was already deploying their forces. It was G’heirnat’s orders to assault the enemy’s heavy weapon positions around the Blind Saint. Ashamed at his distracting and self pity Brother Mcleod jumped at once to his brother’s command- quickly making ground on the enemy’s position.

Brother McLeod’s zealous approach to the heavy weapons teams did not go unnoticed. Having jumped to the roof tops and slaughtering the enemy spotters the heavy weapons teams quickly took notice of Brother McLeod’s position and laid down a storm of fire upon him. The entire position was completely leveled and Brother Mcleod was left severely injured and without cover.

Down below, the rest of Brother McLeod’s squad were dispensing the Emperor’s justice relentlessly. Having completely destroyed the first enemy unit, save for their leader, the Deathwatch continued their advance. Realizing his vulnerable position the enemy commander quickly ran to cover in the building Brother Mcleod stood upon. Brother G’heirnat quickly redirected Brother Mcleod from assaulting the heavy weapon positions to seek and destroy the retreating enemy commander. Heedless of his currently injuries Brother Mcleod again quickly snapped to Brother G’heirnat’s orders. Smashing to the ground floor and quickly dispatching the rogue leader. Outside the rest of the Deathwatch team secured the perimeter of the Blind Saint.

Seeing the Blind Saint as a former chapel of the Emperor that had been desecrated and turned into a common bar, brother Mcleod did all he could to hold back the holy wraith he wanted to rain down upon those they had just saved. Knowing that the mission came first is all that saved these men from his fervor. Such restraint paid off for the team because survivors of the Blind Saint provided the team with the Broodlord’s position.

Enroute to purge the world of the broodlord’s presence, the team came upon a heavily fortified enemy position. Seeing Brother G’heirnat struggle tactically with an assault plan on such a position Brother McLeod presented a sound plan of attack. PDF forces would take up firing positions across the river and begin a fire fight upon order. The team would then walk upon the canal bottom out of sight of the enemy to their side and would climb into the bridge coming from the enemy from below.

When the team was in position, the order was given and the assault began. The team discovered explosives under the bridge as they began their assault upon the bridge, these explosives would have wiped out the loyalist PDF forces during the assault had the team not discovered them. Clearing the explosives along with the enemy leaders, the team was able to wipe the enormous enemy force quickly without injury.

With the road clear to the Broodlord’s nest, the team pressed on unimpeded. Discovering the Broodlord had taken refuge in the pipes of a fuel depot the team vaulted forward knowing full well they were entering the enemy’s element.

The Kill-team’s apprehension was not misplaced and they were quickly ambushed by a group of genestealers accompanied by a lictor. The assault was so savage the team was almost overwhelmed in the first moments of the well planned assault. Brother Mcleod began turning the tide for the team as he engaged the lictor. Feeling the holy rage that was sparked at the Blind Saint, Brother Mcleod smashed into the lictor unloading his bolt pistol into it and ripping the ravaged alien in two with his chainsword. Losing the support of the lictor the genestealers were no match for the team. Injured but unswayed the team continued down the tunnels.

Shortly afterward the team entered the alien den responsible for plaguing this world. Nothing but bones littered the floor and the team entered the room carefully keeping fields of fire open to any possible assault. Regardless of the team’s cautious nature nothing could prepare them for the fury of the Broodlord as he descended from above smashing into Brother G’heirnat. Just as quickly, before the team could react, the Broodlord leaped back into the pipes above. Seeing his brother injured so savagely Brother Mcleod engaged his jump pack and chased after the Broodlord and came face to face with the alien for the first time in the pipes above. Blows were exchanged between the two and Brother Mcleod quickly realized that all the physical enhancements, all his training, and all his equipment would not be enough to match the cunning of such a foe. “And they shall know no fear!” echoed through Brother McLeod’s thoughts like a raptures explosion. Opening a vox link to all his squad, Brother Mcleod requested fire from them on his position. Bolter fire leapt within seconds all around Brother Mcleod, pumping several rounds into the Broodlord. By the grace of the emperor not one round hit Brother Mcleod as he continued his combat with the Broodlord. The Broodlord was not so easily defeated and it slashed at Brother Mcleod ripping away the armor around his abdomen and disemboweling him. Looking down Brother Mcleod saw his lifeblood flowing from his mortal wounds. Blood pouring from his mouth filling the inside of helmet Brother Mcleod screamed “suffer not the alien” as he rained down blow upon blow upon the Broodlord, knowing that each blow pushed him closer to death’s door. The Broodlord bleeding its own ichor from dozens of wounds would not relent seeing Brother McLeod’s life ebb from him and it pushed forward with its attacks. The first claw took Brother McLeod’s left arm off hurling it off in a shower of blood down upon his brothers below. The second attack cleaved the front plate of his helmet off destroying his eyes. Mustering the last of his strength, Brother Mcleod could all but whisper “the emperor protects” and he struggled to land a blow upon the encroaching enemy to no avail. At this moment Brother McLeod’s brothers were able to rain down another hail of bolter fire upon the Broodlord knocking it from the pipes and ending its blasphemous life. Brother Mcleod not having the strength to continue to stand fell as well from the pipes landing in a heap near the Broodlord. As his brothers approached, it was clear to them there was nothing to be done for him, his last words to them were again "the emperor protects.

Brother Mcleod's Personal Log- "Final Sanction"

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