By the Authority

Red lowered his head as Inquisitor Sand placed the Sigil of Question around his neck. Looking down at the device, Red saw that it was a thin silver chain of fine craftsmanship bearing a silver medallion in the shape of a chalice engraved with the symbol of the Inquisition- as an added personalized touch representing Inquisitor Sand, there was a small Mechanicus-like Cog Skull engraved on the cup part of the Chalice. Red looked up as Sand handed him his formal Encarta of Inquiry- a rolled up parchment scroll sealed with a red ribbon.

“Congratulations Red. You have hereby been appointed as a Legate Investigator with the authority of the Ordo Calixis. Realize that you now speak with my authority and while your symbol of office does not hold as much power as a Rosette, it will open many doors, both literally and figuratively, that would otherwise be closed.”

A round of applause broke out from the gathered spectators, which included Red’s teammates as well as other Acolytes of Sand. Drink and hearty conversation soon followed and after an hour into the celebration Sand pulled Red aside from the others out of earshot.

Sand took a draught from his glass of Amasec and then studied his glass briefly before speaking, “Red, you are needed for a most important mission- one that will require some recognized authority of the Inquisition to complete. Tomorrow, you and Rasar will be leaving for the planet of Sinophia. It’s a Frontier planet that has not seen the Emperor’s Light in a number of years. I’m not sure who’s more corrupt- the ruling nobility or the local crime lords.”

“Due to the ongoing investigation of the hijacked Black Ship and the Amalgan’s warning about Reth, the Ordo Calixis is demanding answers. So far nothing has turned up but I have other matters that need attention which is why I am splitting up your Cell. Vern, Xerxes and Quint will continue investigating the Amalgan. You will now be leading your own Cell, which will include you, Rasar and three new Acolytes that are already on Sinophia. I have just finished reviewing their after-action reports for their last mission and it appears that they were successful in vanquishing a daemonhost summoned by a family of corrupted nobility.”

Sand hands Red a data-slate. This contains your mission briefing and information on the planet you are going to. The second-ranking Arbitrator, Fihad Constantine, is the one who requested Inquisition assistance on this matter and knows you’re coming. I do not think that this particular mission is related to the Amalgan’s message but you will remain in Legate status until otherwise told.”

“Send me word via Revivicator Cipher to the conduit on Morwen of your findings. Do not be alarmed if you do not hear back from me immediately as I will be following up on some leads concerning this Amalgan mess. Remember, the Emperor Protects…”

By the Authority

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