Deathwatch Kill-Team Kronus


The Deathwatch is the Chamber Militant of the Inquisition’s Ordo Xenos and its kill-teams are formed from Space Marines recruited from various Chapters. Only the best of the best Marines are selected for the honor of serving in the Deathwatch and Kill-Team Kronus represents the newest addition to the Ordo Xenos’ arsenal.

The current members of Kill-Team Kronus consists of the following personnel:

Battle-Brothers that have completed their Deathwatch Service:

  • Brother Lance- Space Wolf Tactical Marine
  • Brother Timujin- Exorcist Tactical Marine
  • Brother Erik- Imperial Fists Librarian
  • Brother Corvin- Raven Guard Devastator Marine

Fallen Battle-Brothers:

  • Brother Mcleod- Storm Wardens Assault Marine that died while in single combat with a Broodlord on the planet of Avalos.
  • Brother Aoner- Space Wolf Librarian that died while fighting Necron forces on the Hive world of Solace.

Mission Profiles of Kill-Team Kronus

Deathwatch Kill-Team Kronus

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