Dossier - Kel Sanus

sengh.jpgTarget Name: Kel Sanus

Known Aliases: Bishop

Contract: Personal

Target Status: Alive

Location: Scintilla (On the move)

Description: Classified

BIO: Classified

Notes: As greedy as he is ambitious, target’s tongue has gotten others into trouble on more than one occasion. Will use anyone to further his own survival or profit, even his own comrades. True allegiances are as of yet, unknown.

Target is not to be trusted.

Payment: None

The clink of glasses could be heard over the hum of chatter as the club began to swell to life. Tired workers, half-drunk party-goers, and the usual riff-raff flooded the dance floor, lounge, and bar area as a steady beat of music was streamed from the speakers overhead. The dim lights reflected thousands of colors glittering in the confined club as the partiers, grifters, and love-seekers began their nightly game of cat and mouse with each other.

A tall lone figure made his way swiftly through the tightly-packed crowd, his sights set on the bar ahead. As he approached, the loud boisterous voice of a seated patron rose to greet him. The lone figure hesitated a moment, taking in his surroundings, before casually pulling a stool next to the patron and waving to the bar tender.

“Barkeep. A glass of your finest.” The lone figure waved a hand between the patron and himself. “One each, for me and my friend here.”

“Rylak! I didn’t expect to see you here.” The seated patron broke into a sly smile as the barkeep began to fill a tall glass with crystal colored liquid. “And buying me a drink? That’s far too kind of you.”

“Yes…” The assassin allowed his face to break into a forced, but friendly, smile. “Seeing as how your pockets are overflowing these days, it might be more fitting for you to be the one buying, Bishop.”

“Ha ha!” Bishop let out a low laugh as he took the drink into his hand. “You’re not still upset about that deal I struck with Quess, are you?”

“Robbing an innocent under the guise of negotiations? Why would anyone have a problem with you sullying our reputation?” The assassin let his hand rest gently on bar near his own glass. He stared as his companion as Bishop drained a fair portion of his drink in one gulp.

“Thankfully, our good lord would disagree with you on that one. Opportunistic, perhaps, but far from disgraceful.” His eyes shifted slightly. “No matter how hard you may have tried to convince him otherwise.”

“And what would I care about Sand’s opinion of you or your actions? I have far more pressing matters to attend to than tattling on your little indiscretions.”

“My friend,” Bishop clasped a hand on Rylak’s shoulder, much to the young assassin’s dismay. “Your obfuscation needs a lot of work before anyone will buy it!”

“I don’t consider lies to be a commodity to buy and sell.” Rylak shook Bishop’s grasp and allowed his friendly demeanor to go cold. “They are a means to an end, not a way to line your pockets.”

“Then that…” Bishop turned slightly, admiring a young woman eying him from across the bar. “Is where we differ, it seems.” Rylak firmly grasped Bishop’s shoulder as he leaned in close.

“Your actions aren’t earning you any friends.” The assassin’s voice was low and barely audible over the crowd’s roar. Bishop turned to face him with a bemused look about him.

“Then perhaps we aren’t so different after all.” Rylak’s jaw tightened.

“I’m nothing like you! I get the job done.”

“As do I…” Bishop met the assassin’s stare. “Or do you consider the skillful art of peaceful negotiations a failure?”

“That wasn’t skill, Bishop… You got lucky…”

“As I said…” Bishop smirked at the assassin’s words. “We’re not so different, after all…”

Rylak’s eyes narrowed in anger and the two stared at each other in cold silence. Bishop was pulled forward slightly as Rylak’s grip on him tightened momentarily. With a strong sense of reluctance, Rylak released his companion and slowly stood up, turning to leave.

“Have a good night, Bishop.” Rylak spat out the words before dissolving out of sight into the dark crowded dance floor. Bishop chuckled to himself as he took another swig of his drink. In front of him, the bartened sighed and motioned to him.

“Looks like your friend left you on the hook.” Bishop glanced at his half empty drink and the full glass in front of the vacant seat beside him.

“So it seems…” He rolled his eyes in annoyance. “But, it’s a small price to pay for quality.”

Bishop thrust his hand into his pocket as the bartender waited patiently. Finding it empty, he searched another. It didn’t take long for the realization of what had transpired to dawn on him, and he spun around hoping for a futile glimpse of his assailant in the dark crowded club. Seeing nothing, he slowly turned around to face the waiting barkeep.

Out of the corner of his eye, Bishop saw the woman still sitting on the end of the bar staring into her glass. He couldn’t help but smile as he pushed himself up from his seat.

“On second thought, it seems I’ll be here for a while.” Bishop grabbed the two glasses before him and motioned to the bartender. “Why don’t you open a tab for me.”

“So long as it gets paid.” The bartender threw his towel over his shoulder and moved on to help another patron. As Bishop began to move toward his target, a smile crept onto his face.

“Oh it will…” The woman looked up to see him approaching and Bishop threw her a flirtatious wink. “But not by me….”

Dossier - Kel Sanus

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