Exorcists Space Marine Character Rules

The little information available on the Exorcists Space Marine Chapter points to the possibility that these Space Marines were intentionally possessed by daemonic entities in controlled environments and then the daemons were exorcised from the Marines in order to create Space Marines that were resistant to the powers of Chaos. Those that did survive the possession, and subsequent exorcisms, did indeed prove more resistant to the powers of the Warp, as well as demonstrated heightened levels of aggressiveness, which proved useful in combat.

Exorcists gain the following benefits: +10 to Willpower, 2D10 Insanity Points from sharing their mind with a Daemon and gain the Knower of Daemons Solo Mode ability.

Knower of Daemons (Solo Mode Ability)
Required Rank: 1
Effects: The Exorcists have each been subjected to the tortures and torment of daemonic possession, and have been set free. This experience has granted them secret knowledge of the natures of daemons, including their strengths and weaknesses. Once per combat, a Battle-Brother of the Exorcists Chapter may call upon the Knower of Daemons ability as a Free Action at the start of his Turn. While under the effects of this ability, Damage inflicted by the Battle-Brother’s melee attacks against creatures with the Daemonic Trait is not reduced by Toughness Bonus. In addition, the Battle-Brother’s own Toughness Bonus is increased by +4 when reducing Damage from attacks by creatures with the Daemonic Trait or Damage from Psychic Powers and weapons. This ability lasts for a number of Rounds equal to the Battle-Brother’s Rank.
Improvement: At Rank 3 and above the Battle-Brother gains an additional +10 to hit and +2 to Damage rolls when making melee attacks against any creature with psychic abilities. At Rank 5 and above, the increase to Toughness Bonus rises to +8. At Rank 7 and above, the Warp Weapons Trait no longer has any effect on the Battle-Brother. All of these improvements only apply during when this ability is in effect.

Power From Corruption
Power from Corruption is a Demeanor unique to Space Marines from the Exorcists Chapter.
A person who has suffered daemonic possession (essentially having their mind and body slaved to a thing from beyond) and then had that entity ripped out through exorcism has been left with deep scars in both mind and body. While most would die from shock or become withered remnants of humanity, the Space Marines of the Exorcists Chapter have found new strength from their ordeal and use it to push them to success in all of their activities. This strength can easily be reflected in combat (when one has seen and lived in the midst of Chaos, the materium does not seen that bad of a place), but can be used for other stressful and seemingly impossibly endeavors as well, such as the determination to locate an enemy ship or the relentless pursuit of forbidden knowledge that is needed for a successful campaign.

The episode of being formerly possessed is not without its dangers. Many Exorcists claim to see and hear the traces of corruption all about them, and many claim that they sometimes hear the voices of the Warp calling out to them or pick up on the maddened whispers of Daemons just on the edge of reality.

Squad Mode Abilities:
Action: Full Action
Cost: 3
Sustained: Yes
Effect: While this ability is in effect, the Battle-Brother and those within Support Range of him gain the Furious Assault Talent and the Frenzy Talent.
Improvements: At Rank 4, activating this ability is a Half Action.

Action: Half Action
Cost: 3
Sustained: Yes
Effect: With knowledge of secret and forbidden lore, as well as personal insight, the Space Marines of the Exorcists are able to more easily avoid sorcery and witchcraft. While under the effect of this ability, the Battle-Brother and any within Support Range of him receive a +10 bonus to any Tests made to resist the effects of a psychic power (this can include attempts to Dodge).
Improvements: At Rank 4, this bonus increases to +20.

Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Lore: Forbidden (Daemons) 200 Skill
Lore: Forbidden (Daemons) +10 200 Skill Lore: Forbidden (Daemons)
Lore: Forbidden (Daemons) +20 200 Skill Lore: Forbidden (Daemons) +10
Ciphers (Inquisition) 200 Skill
Ciphers (Inquisition) +10 200 Skill Ciphers (Inquisition)
Ciphers (Inquisition) +20 200 Skill Ciphers (Inquisition) +10
Slayer of Daemons 900 Talent
Strong Minded 1000 Talent WP 30, Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Hammer Blow 400 Talent
Abhor the Witch 700 Talent Adeptus Astartes

Chapter Trappings:
Choose either the Devotion Chain (Black Templars) or the Golden Icons (Blood Angels).


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