Hadrian's Log ONE

+++++Transmitted: Lathe-Het – Cipher Theta11A
+++++Received: Astropath Jacobian – Cipher Zed22B
+++++Destination: Hippocrasian Fleet – Magos Genator Faust
+++++Time Stamp: 8 207 815.M41
+++++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Fulber
++++++Subject: The Lathe-Het Matter
++++++Author: Technomancer Hadrian Line

I fear I have troubling news to report, both in regards to my mission to Lathe-Het and to any future missions. I arrived as scheduled, but was met with a much less friendly reception than I expected. Magos Tallunas put off our original scheduled appointment, and continued to make excuses to my attempts to make a new one. When it became obvious that he was trying to avoid me,

I began looking for the source of his reluctance.
It seems that word has been spread of my continuing research into certain subjects of which you are aware. I’ve even discovered vague references to my current project relating to lasweapons, though nothing concrete. No official censure has been made, but I fear that might change. Some have publicly branded me as a Malatek. This was unexpected. Perhaps I would have seen it coming if I hadn’t been so busy with my own research and work with the Inquisition.

I did discover something useful though. The origin of this campaign to discredit and declare me as heretek is a single forge. It transpires that the Magos of this forge being a man known to me; Magos Technicus Certus. I’m impressed by the depth of this man’s hate of me. I’m certain he was the one responsible for my nearly being expelled from the Mechanicus. Your timely recruitment on behalf of Inquisitor Sand saved me from that. Obviously it’s time I do something about Certus and his illogical compaign to have me declared Heretek.

I am working on a plan to neutralize my apparent foe and restore my good standing with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Until then, however, my effectiveness in my role as your Factor will be limited when dealing with official Adeptus Mechanicus agencies. In fact, to protect your reputation it might be best that we sever official ties. I do hope that we can continue to work together more discreetly until I can clear up this inconvenience. I’m certain I can still be of assistance to you and our shared associates in other ways.

Technomancer Hadrian Line

Hadrian's Log ONE

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