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“Faith and Betrayal” is a Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy/Deathwatch RPG Campaign set approximately around the time 814.M41. It follows the exploits of Acolytes under the command of Inquisitor Sand of the Ordo Xenos and the missions of Deathwatch Kill-Team “Kronus.” Working alone, and sometimes together, both of these Inquisition units are dedicated to finding and destroying the enemies of the Imperium. “Only in Death Shall Duty End!!”

“Slaves of the Withered Blade…”(06/21/2015)

Shortly after their arrival, the acolytes make contact with Quint and Pullo, and their new acquaintances- a squat named Kelson, Magos Domos (called the Bloodsmith) and a fellow slave named Gunn. With the additional manpower available, Quint starts to enact a plan, based on Intel provided by Domos, which will work toward the goal of escaping the Pits- a plan that has little chance for success, but provides the only option of hope at the moment.

Cult_of_the_Cursed_Blades.pngIn addition to the complications of enacting the escape plan, the group must also try to stay alive in conditions that are less than optimal. The acolytes quickly find that life is a commodity that is quickly spent if one does not have the skills to survive the arena fights, or the luck to avoid being selected to participate in them. Arena fights with Wyches, murder servitors, monsters from around the galaxy and fellow slaves are a constant obstacle that they endure, and so far the acolytes have survived (some owe their lives to the Medicae skills of Magos Domos).

With the exception of Jak, the acolytes have been in contact with each other and, for the most part, are aware of the efforts taken toward the goal of escape, which still seems like an unreachable goal. Unlike his comrades, Jak has been working alone exploring the Pits and making contacts.

“Now the next part is very important, they’re going to take you…”(05/24/2015)

Using his network of connections, mainly a Dark Eldar Haemonculus named Akirvas, Inquisitor Sand has discovered that acolytes Quint and Pullo were captured and sold by a Dark Eldar Archon named Salaine Morn. Through Akirvas, Sand secretly contacted Morn, and a deal was brokered that in exchange for safe passage from the Nexus of Shadows, the imprisoned acolytes would secure a Dark Eldar ship for Morn called the Soul Reaver, which is the flagship of the most powerful Archon in the Nexus of Shadows, Archon Zaergarn Kul of the Kabal of the Splintered Talon.

Of course, conducting negotiations with Xenos, especially the Dark Eldar, is highly proscribed and most in the Imperium would declare Inquisitor Sand a traitor and request his immediate execution if they knew of these relations. Regardless of the danger, the Inquisitor has went forward with the rescue attempt, though those that know of the operation suspect that there is more than just the safe return of Sand’s acolytes in play here, as whispers speak of valuable information that Archon Morn will provide to Sand once she receives possession of the Soul Reaver.
Inquisitor Sand has tasked acolytes Jak, Bishop, Jez, Silvain, and a young teenage girl named Luck to prosecute this mission. This group has been given orders to locate and rescue Quint and Pullo, and then secure the Soul Reaver and turn possession of the ship to Morn. The acolytes reach their destination by being transferred from Rogue Trader Captain Melua’s ship, the Arcadia, to Archon Morn’s ship, the Aeon of Torment. Morn then takes the acolytes in the guise of slaves to the Dark Eldar webway city, the Nexus of Shadows, where they are sold to the Wych Cult of the Withered Blade under the leadership of Succubus Anyalra.

Their lives as slaves of the Wither Blade in the Shadowspine Pits begins with torment and pain as the acolytes join other captured slaves and proceed through a number of trials that test their fighting abilities and physical and mental fortitude. Many of their fellow prisoners are killed or maimed in the process and those that survive quickly lose hope as they realize there is no escape from their predicament. Unlike the rest of the acolytes, who fight with their objectives in mind, Jak appears to be reverting back to his childhood on Ganf Magna where he survived on his own fending for himself in harsh conditions with dangerous Orks ever present. Jak’s combat skills and unique size for a human make him stand out in the gladiator environment of the wych arenas.

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