• +++++++Transmitted: Threnos Zone…Cipher Delta42G
  • +++++++++Received: Astropath Zakarus…Cipher Gamma84-3B
  • +++++++Transmitted: Veneris…Cipher Bravo4
  • +++++++++Received: Omega Loop…Cipher PrimeMagna
  • +++++++Transmitted: Morwen VI- Hippocrasian Agglomeration
  • ++++++Mission Time: 8 206 851.M41
  • ++++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Fulber
  • +++++++++++++Ref: Project Fist/Initiaties/454228254/HC
  • +++++++++++Author: Inquisitor Sand

Thought For the Day: “I am his Sword and Shield.”

“My Lord…

I apologize for the late report and can only blame the interference and remoteness of the Threnos Zone as a large part of the issue with getting you a timely progress report. Despite the delay I have good news. I sense that my mission is near completion and Gaul is within our grasp. That traitorous bastard proved to be more cunning than I initially gave him credit for. Initiating a counter-propaganda campaign against me did substantial harm to my reputation and my resources. To date I have survived sixteen assassination attempts and twenty-four attempts to take me into custody. These operations were carried out by men loyal to or hired by Gaul as well as Imperial authorities, including several agents of the Inquisition. I regret the loss of life that took place in my defense, especially concerning those loyal servants of the Imperium that were ignorant of the true importance of my mission.

My assets have been substantially depleted in this campaign as the combined might of Gaul’s network and the Imperial authorities have located and raided a number of my safe houses and many of my Agents and Acolytes have been imprisoned or have been terminated. Of my remaining Acolytes the most intact appears to be Cell C2. This Cell has performed exemplary and without their hard work I do not believe that we would have the information thus gained and would not be this close to our objective. Once Gaul has been taken into custody, I will be petitioning the members of Cell C2 as initiates and with this transmission have included dossiers on each of the members for you to review at your leisure.

Gaul’s operation on LV214 has been shutdown and I am making arrangements to secure as much of the technology as I can though there will be some complications with the Deathwatch on Station. I will send you additional information later once the shipment is enroute and you should prep the assets on Lo for its receipt.

Gaul is within our grasp. We are hot on his heels and on LV214 we only missed him by days. I cannot wait to confront this menace and pay him back for what he has put me and the organization through. To jeopardize our work for mere profit is an insult to all the work and sacrifice we have done. Worst yet, he has put the very existence of the Emperor himself in jeopardy. I hope that he is secured in the deepest and darkest prison cell on Morwen and left to rot for eternity.

I also need to bring to your attention that Gaul’s involvement of Inquisitor Xill has created some complications. I am not sure how much Xill knows, or has figured out on his own, but his associations with Gaul have led me to believe that he may become a liability in the future. Xill appears to still be determined to deal with me as a heretic but whether this is due to the warrant that was issued based on fabricated information or some other belief of heresy is unknown. I suggest that we start an investigation to determine the extent of his involvement and the danger he presents to our work.

Lastly, I must commend Inquisitor Soldevan regarding the assistance that he has provided for us- even if it was given without his knowing the true nature of the situation at hand. He is very resourceful and intelligent and may later realize what he and his men were a part of. I suggest that we be wary of his inquires and perhaps develop a believable conspiracy to placate his curiousity."


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