Inquiries on the Gantry

[Initiate Mission Recording]

[Voice File Corrupted]



[File Complete]

“This is Sanctionary Chad reporting to Oath-Captain Nils. We’ve breached the gates of the Gantry and have made our way… [Static]… Strange going-ons… -dead have risen… -lost. But the strangest part is what we found when… [File Corrupt]… ganger, what’s his name? Gunn?… -the gang. They actually fought each other in… – competitions. I don’t like the… -their acting. I heard… [Static]… -and now we’re heading deeper, to find… Ferrue… -need orders. Should I… [File Missing]… -and report to Inquisitor Rykehuss… -found what he’s looking for.”

[End of File Playback]

“It’s good, right? Nearly all there, which is saying something for what I had to go through to obtain it!” Cog Lostok pressed himself deeper into the shadows of the alleyway as the playback ended. In the street, voices could be heard passing by the alley’s entrance, and Lostok’s eyes shifted quickly to his planned escape routes. “But it should be more than enough payment, yes?”

“This is all of it?” Constable Amsterdam made an imposing figure standing in the dark corridor, his Arbiter armor glistening slightly as the murky runoff from above trickled down it’s surface. His dark black coat billowed from the steam rising through vents beneath their feat, and Lostok could easily see the badge of authority clipped securely to Amsterdam’s breast.

“All that was salvageable. Honestly, the man had no working knowledge of a vox or simple comm systems. He tried to back peddle the files on the main static line running through to the Purity Gate. It’s only pure luck that my agents were able to recover any of the garbled mess. Of course, I claim full responsibility for the lack of degradation in the final project, it certainly is a testament to my technical prowess that-”

“And your agents?” Amsterdam cut in, causing an annoyed look to spread across Lostok’s face. “Did they keep a copy for themselves?”

“Of course not.” Lostok replied, “Information doesn’t fetch the same price if multiple merchants are selling the same product. This is the last remaining copy, that I guarantee.”

Amsterdam powered down the data slate and stored it in his coat pocket. He pulled his coat tight against the runoff’s chill and gave his companion an arbitrary glance.

“So we’re good then?” Lostok asked, slinking even further into the shadows. “You’ll have my product released?”

“I’ll put through the clearance forms in the morning.” Amsterdam turned, ignoring the look of relief on Lostok’s face. “Of course, you’ll have to wait for the Inquisitor to lift the communication freeze in the precincts.” As the Arbiter began walking toward the street, he heard Lostok call out to him.

“What do you mean communication freeze? When will I get my products?”

“Haven’t you heard?” Amsterdam called back as he stepped onto the crowded street. “Rykehuss owns this part of the city now, nothing’s going to move until he says so.” And with that, the Constable disappeared into the crowd leaving Lostok disgusted over the way this deal ended.

Inquiries on the Gantry

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