Inquisitor Sand of the Ordo Xenos and Known Acolytes

ImagesUsing their skills and talents, these Inquisition Acolytes are responsible for the investigating of heresy and other dangers that threaten to disrupt and destroy the Imperium. Stationed primarily in the Calixis Sector, they have traveled throughout the sector and beyond in the process of their investigations. Many of these investigations are full of peril and the stakes to the group, as well as the Imperium at large, are high and death is often moments away- a few of the Acolytes have already paid the ultimate price in the performance of their duties.

Current and past known Acolytes of Inquisitor Sand consist of the following personnel:

Cell C1: Romulus Cell:

Cell C2: Rennassiance Cell:

  • Vern- Tech-Priest and loyal servant of the Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Xerxes- Assassin and wanted criminal on the planet of Sepheris Secundus (by order of Queen Lachryma III’s Royal Family)
  • Tiberius- Templar Calix of the Scholastica Psykana
  • Gavin Sufal- former Maccabean Janissary now in the employ of the Inquisition

Cell C8: Red Cell:

Cell 15: Razor Cell:

  • Artandis Jaxx- Former Arbitrator and Judge, now one of Inquisitor Sand’s Interrogators
  • Titus- Mind-Cleansed former Imperial Guardsman of the Cadian Army
  • Gregoi- Sanctioned Psyker
  • Praetus- Sanctioned Psyker and Diplomat
  • Maximus- Void-born Scum adventurer on the path of life

Cell 17: Raptor Cell:

  • Lupus- Priest of the Ecclesiarchy with sometimes loose adherence to the Imperial Creed
  • Flak- a former Penal Legion Guardsman with an obsession for flamers
  • Pullo- Scum and last survivor of Orbital Stat098.3457

Cell C20: Reserve Cell:

Cell C36: Redacted Cell:

  • Dume Ahnue- Untouchable Void-born assassin
  • Silvain- Imperial Missionary that is Lupus’ conservative opposite
  • Kel Sanus a.k.a. “Bishop”- Seneschal and spy
  • Luck- a teenage girl in the care and employ of Interrogator Quint

Inactive Acolytes:

  • Jonas Leman- Sanctioned Imperial Psyker (current whereabouts unknown)
  • Lazerus Geth- Sanctioned Imperial Psyker who was possessed by a daemon and escaped incarceration (current whereabouts unknown).
  • Godwin- Navigator from a family with long-time service to the Imperial Navy now head navigator on the Rogue Trader ship the Arcadia.
  • Gunn- Unsanctioned latent psyker and former ganger from Solomon that was taken into custody by Witch Finder Rykehuss of the Ordo Hereticus; he is presumed deceased.
  • Jak- a hulking human with brawn and constitution to match an Ogryn that is now 1st Mate of the Hostile Transaction.
  • Jezail (Jez)- Feral-world Guardswoman that joined her friend and fellow acolyte Jak for a life of piracy aboard the Hostile Transaction.

Fallen Acolytes:

  • Lysandros- Arbitrator that was killed in the Blind Tesseract during the investigation of the Haarlock Legacy on the planet of Mara.
  • Metalus- Priest of the Ecclesiarchy and former Inquisition Acolyte killed fighting the Daemon, Tsyiak, on the planet of Iocanthos.
  • Rasar- Feral-born Assassin that is missing and presumed dead at the hands of daemons duing the final hours of the investigation of the House of Dust and Ash.
  • Rylak- Imperial-born Assassin with a taste for long-range who sacrificed himself to manually detonate an exterminatus weapon on the planet of Faldon Kise to stop a Genestealer infestation.
  • Soloman Gann- Trained Seneschal that was assassinated by Interrogator when he became an operative of the Logicians.
  • Strang- Former Imperial Guardsman of the Cadian Army killed in action by Serrated Query Agents on Scintilla
  • Valen Ka’Jan- Sinophian Assassin that was terminated by his fellow Acolytes when he was found to be daemon possessed.

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Inquisitor Sand of the Ordo Xenos and Known Acolytes

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