Jak - Breaking In

Jak and Jez are sitting around a small steel table, littered with cards, empty cans of cheap booze covered in cigar ash, and piles of shiny thrones. Both are holding 5 cards in there hands. Jak is leaning his chair back aways, staring at the cards. A moment soon, Jez slams her cards faceup on the table. “I Win”
“Oi, wudda uz do ju’ dere?” As Jak’s chair firmly slams back onto the floor bending the already straining legs.

“Well, I have a two, a seven, and a joker.” She says with a grin.
“Bu’ I haz da pointy fing’ un twu ovda fella wit da sharp dings’ goin inta hiz ’ead!” As Jak slams his hand onto the table.
“Well, you see Jak, my hand beats you out. Its the name of the game, ‘I Win’, it is not ‘Jak Wins’, so chuck up those frakking thrones big guy.”
Jak begins to wave his finger at the women, then instead, just lights himself up another cigar. Smiling at her as she takes the thrones from the table to her side. “Youz ju’ lukii uz is a purty lady Jez. Else uz git clobba’d fo takin da shinies.”

As soon as Jez starts shuffling the cards, Jez’s vox starts to ring. She takes a few moments while Jak manages to hard pound 3 cans at once. Finishing her call, Jak gets some dribbles running down his neck. “Loo’ at dat Jez, I di’ it!”
Jez starts to pack her things up replies to Jak’s minor accomplishment. “That’s nice Jak but, we just got called in. Clean yourself up a bit and you mind yourself among the others.”
Laying his arms out, “Wut, uZ don’ fink Iz purdah enuff? Wut othas?”
Jez crosses her arms with her hip locked and feet planted like a mother to a child who just doesn’t get the picture. “Well, its just not gonna be me and you Jak, and they might not be used to your… Enthusiasm.”
Jak grabs another can popping it open, “Wuts dat wurd?”


Jak found himself crowded onto an elevator with five others, including Jez who is standing on his feet, which makes him a little uncomfortable. Humming a tune as they descend, they weren’t talking much. But Jak is a curious fellow, “Ello’ Dere, Iz name’s Jak.” The other’s just stare at the large brute seemingly to roll their eyes as if to think, ‘Oh great it speaks.’
Ecstatic that two are men of the shiny golden man, telling them that his mom is a saint. Finding it rather hard to believe they just went along with his statement.
As the elevator ride ended everyone seemed to be relieved that they are free from that trap box. Meeting up with Quint and Pullo. Jak seeing him lit up, pulls out one of his large cigars lights it up and grins at Pullo as the other’s listened to the brief. Not really bothered about details.. ###Warning Entering Jak’s Mind### While everyone was busy Jak was contemplating about how he could beat Jez in ‘I Win’ but, everytime she manages to beat him and take his shiny things. Sure enough he came with another plan that is sure to fail in the end.


It was like a special event, opening random boxes, seeing what kind of shiny things there were. Well there wasn’t really much. Just magic eye guy typing on that magic smoke machine. Jez putting her fingers to a bird cage. Jak really liked the teddy bear but, being not his he couldn’t have it.


Jak met up with a Ogryn named ‘Ted’. Convincing him to join him on “Surveying” and making a poor excuse for a surveying tool out of a rolled adult magazine on his knife. Waving it around and making beep noises. The other’s ended up being attacked, by the time Jak and Ted made it to the locked door, being ready to bash it open with the magic eyeball man braced against it. They were already done with the area and were going to head out to the next. Jak intimidates the crowd to back away from the door, saying his good bye to Ted he hands him one of his cigars, telling him no one gets by until he finishes this Cigar. Ted rather liked surveying and might pursue it as a new career, asks for the survey tool also. Which Jak hands the rolled up magazine. With the door unlocked Jak squeezes in as Ted blocked any view from the crowd. “Noi, datz ju’ nastah.” He beads to the others. He locks the door and follows the way the others went to rejoin them.

Jak - Breaking In

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