Johari Window - Complete Evaluation

*The following recording is from the private patient files of Doctor Skylar LaFontaine and has been sealed pending review by the Holy Ordo Xenos. AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY.

Voice of Dr. LaFontaine: “This is chief medical examiner Skylar LaFontaine recording outpatient procedure XKZ-003 of two patients hereby to be refereed to as Patient S and Patient L. The procedure involved standard physical assessments as well as a complete psychological evaluation and personality makeup for each patient in relation to their recent activities on the agri-world Hilarion. The procedure was authorized by a fellow Hetaireia Lexis alumnus, hereby to be refereed to as Inquisitor G, as a preemptive measure to stem the negative physical and mental effects suffered during the pursuit of known heretical activist Stefen Sieger, another academic who’s notable achievements have recently been overshadowed by vast accusations and the evidence there-in of heresy against the Imperium of man.”

“This will be the third evaluation of both Patient S and Patient L, for further reference see evaluations XKZ-001 and XKZ-002. In this instance, both men were reportedly exposed to an unknown pathogen known simply as “The Blight” on Hilarion’s surface, as well as coming into contact with unknown hostile entities and suffering extensive physical damage in the process. Both patients have since been cleared through standard Inquisition medical inspection, and have been sent to me for final assessment."

(There is a sound of shuffling papers and an audible sigh)

Voice of Dr. LaFontaine (cont): "I’ll begin with the evaluation of Patient S, a former Imperial Guardsman stationed with the 357th Penal Legion, now currently in service to Inquisitor G. Given Patient S’s wartime history, specifically his membership with the Penal Legion’s aptly named “Suicide Squad,” it comes as no surprise that he currently suffers from minor PTSD and insomnia. It is interesting to note the effects are far more acute than originally predicted, and it is unlikely that either disorder will vastly affect daily life. More disturbing is Patient S’s sever conditioned obedience. I have seen such cases a number of times with members of the Penal Legion, but have never encountered such a severe and chronic example before. It is unclear whether Patient S retains the ability to disobey or even refuse a direct order, even when the threat of death has been removed. Patient S also shows signs of potential Urban-Wiethe Disease, possibly manifesting itself as severe Congenital Analgesia. Patient S seems pathologically immune to fear, unable to respond to or act upon triggers which normal humans possess instinctually."

“Physically, Patient S shows possible substance dependency issues, potentially stemming from his recent fitting with a chemical injection rig as a means of behavioral control. Nearly thirty-percent of his body is covered in second-degree burns and scars, commonly associated with the constant use of standard Imperial flame weapons. Patient S is also missing his left eye, which was aggressively removed a short while ago following previous encounters with the aforementioned heretic, Stefen Sieger. This has left Patient S with depth perception problems as well as partial vision impairment. In all other aspects, Patient S appears far more physically fit and healthy than most men his age, and seems to have fully recovered from any trauma he may have received on planet Hilarion. It is also my professional opinion that Patient S appears unusually sane and mentally calm despite his highly traumatic past experiences, which seem contrary to his other mental afflictions.

(Noticeable pause)

Voice of Dr. LaFontaine (cont): “Patient L, formerly an ordained cleric within the Ecclesiarchy, now in service to Inquisitor G, shows evidence of a more volatile and unstable mental state. During his clinical interview, Patient L on numerous occasions broke into singing- to mix reviews I might add, according to the neighboring offices. Patient L also showed signs of a clear obsessive compulsion: constantly tracing the same spiral pattern with his non-dominant hand while remaining seemingly oblivious to the action. This pattern of behavior has been observed following past experiences with the aforementioned heretic, Stefen Sieger.”

“Physically, Patient L still seems to be in recovery following the wounds he received while on planet HIlarion. Patient L’s movement seems to have been impaired as he is showing clear signs of a somewhat stunted gait. He would still likely beat myself in a foot race of any sizable distance, but it is unlikely that Patient L will ever recover from this type of physical impairment. Patient L also has obvious abusive decadent tendencies, however it is unclear if these behaviors have manifested themselves in response to his sheltered upbringing or as a means of escape for recent traumatic experiences. It is recommended that Patient L seek further therapy along with rehabilitation before the issue becomes exacerbated.”

(There are sounds of shuffling papers and a loud audible thump)

Voice of Dr. LaFontaine (cont): "Final thoughts… Under normal circumstances I would place both patients into long-term treatment and care facilities. Patient S’s vision problems along with his Congenital Analgesia and substance abuse problems make him a clear detriment to his squad both during routine operations and combat initiatives. Given his predilection for flame weapons, I believe that there is an estimated seventy-eight percent increase in possible work related injuries- not for Patient S himself, but for those who work in conjunction with him. With Patient L’s recent physical impairment and constant mental compulsions and tendencies, I estimate a nearly forty-percent drop-off in operational efficiency, putting him well below average for Inquisitional standards. While recovery is not guaranteed with treatment, it is the advisable solution as opposed to sending him back to the field. That being said… (Audible sigh) Inquisitor G has made it clear that baring any noteworthy signs of corruption or life-threatening ailments, both patients should be returned to duty rosters effective immediately. So I am officially signing off on complete medical and psychological releases of both Patient S and Patient L. In the name of the holy God-Emperor of mankind, this has been Chief Medical Examiner Skylar LaFontaine reporting on outpatient procedure XKZ-003.

(Loud audible click)

*End of recording.

Johari Window - Complete Evaluation

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