Kabal of Crimson Woe

The Kabal of Crimson Woe is a small band of Dark Eldar- nefarious alien corsairs and pirates- that operates throughout the Calixis Sector. The Kabal strike at shipping with impunity, seizing loot and taking prisoners, leaving rescuers to find nothing but deserted ships floating through space. They have also been known to raid settlements on frontier worlds, carrying off colonists as slaves, never to be seen again. The Kabal takes particular delight in striking at targets under the noses of their enemies, attacking heavily defended planets or ships under escort.

The Kabal of Crimson Woe and the Current Campaign

The Kabal have been known to undertake work as mercenaries, attacking targets of interest to other parties, such as settlements and spacecraft- operating as discreetly or overtly as required. Far more useful is their talent of snatching particular individuals as part of their raids, using an attack as a diversion, or simply ensuring that the chosen victim vanishes. One such instance took place during an investigation by an Acolyte Cell of Inquisitor Sand whom were tasked with investigating a recently appeared spacehulk called “Twilight.” Using an attack as a diversion, the Kabal of Woe was successful in extracting an Acolyte traitor named Sgt. Forden.

These cruel Eldar have a special fondness and aptitude for torture, and they can be contacted to obtain information from prisoners. Those with qualms about such activities are best advised not to ask how the Kabal is able to gather such accurate information. One of the Kabal’s best that specializes in this type of work is a haemonculus named Akirvas who frequently leads raiding teams of the Kabal of Woe and frequents the remote trading outpost of Bonner’s Reach. Acolytes of Inquisitor Sand have met with Akirvas on occassion to broker deals for information related to their investigations. Though the Dark Eldar should never be trusted, so far his information has proven reliable.

Kabal of Crimson Woe

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