Keep Your Friends Close- They Might Get You Killed

I need to start being a lot more careful, I used to think if I just watched what I said and did I could talk my way out of a situation. Now I have to worry about everyone else with me.

Gun toteing, Grenade happy Assasins , their solution is to shoot first and talk to the dying bodies before they expire. I can see that being saddled with some of the folks I’m with, will require me to step up my game when it comes to keeping myself alive.

I’m not one for killin folks unless I have to but sometimes you need to learn a few skills to stay alive.

I have to say the one thing about being in this crew is I’m getting the opportunity to make some good contacts for the future. If our missions keep us here for a bit at least I may be able to procure some goods I may need in the future.

I’m a little worried about these four cloaked beheamoths that we keep hearing about, sounds like chaos or warp taint to me and I’m not sure bullets and grenade launchers will be enough. I may need to start doing some research on the occult especially sine we lost our resident Psyker.

Knowing how to defend one’s self vs these things could prove useful. I’m not sure a few talismans will be enough. The thing to be careful about is not delving to far and letting the taint get to you. Maybe I can get some training if I have the aptatude.

Keep Your Friends Close- They Might Get You Killed

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