Kronus Activated


  • +++++++Transmitted: Scintilla
  • +++++++++Received: Astropath Newtoz
  • +++++++Destination: Watch Commander Mordigael, Inquisitor Carmillus- Watch Fortress Erioch
  • ++++++Mission Time: 8 206 851.M41
  • ++++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Aeon
  • +++++++++++++Ref: Kill-team Kronus/454277852/XO
  • +++++++++++Author: Brother-Sergeant Agamorr

Thought for the Day: “It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself.”

“Greetings Honored Commander and Noble Inquisitor…

I am pleased to report that our newest Deathwatch Kill-team, Kill-team Kronus, has just completed the final phase of their formal training and have been approved (effective immediately) for mission ready status. Their progress reports and ratings reflect a well-balanced group that excels in every majority category (with the exception of Technical Expertise, which was expected due to their lack of a Techmarine). No problems of note are expected to affect group cohesion with the exception of the well-known rivalry between the single Dark Angel Space Marine, Zarkaran, and the two Space Wolves Marines, Aoner and Lance, but this is not of significance because the clash between members of these two Chapters has been well-documented and analysis has shown that it will more than likely (94.56332% chance) lead to more effective team performance. I do not expect any major problems that would affect the kill-team’s ability to successful prosecute their missions.

I have included dossiers on each of the kill-team’s members for review at your leisure.

Kill-Team Kronus:

Kronus Activated

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