Lazerous' Diary Page - 'Ice Station Mara'

The following is written in a childlike script but with long strokes, like the writer was tired or in pain.

Unknown Ruined Hive, 19:00 hours

Hello again Diary…

It’s only been a few hours since I last talked to you but it feels like months. This place feels wrong, wrong like when you put gloves on your feet and socks in Quint’s sandwhich… I’m not even sure if we’re in Mara anymore, these doors could be leading us anywhere… But I’m losing focus, I should start at the beginning.

When I last left off we had just entered the complex beneath what I’m told is a prison. I don’t understand why they call it that, the only thing I’ve seen locked up here are a bunch of cute worms that want to eat us, some deamon thingies that wanted to eat me, and a half frozen sandwhich that I ate! take that sandwhich!!! Oh right, and we’ve run into a bunch of people who tried to kill us.

Take for instance the people we met in the church. Apparently they knew everyone else or something, but I’ve never met any of them. Not the fat guy, or the guy with the shot gun, or that talking head that was floating all over the place… something must have been wrong with that place because I remember the room starting to spin, and the feeling of falling up and down and up again, then it all went black… When I woke up, Red said we should all go to sleep… :/

Once we were all up and ready we ran into a bunch of ghosts! It must have been a family reunion or something. Red ran up to them and started hugging them and slapping them on the back. Mr. Quaint and the twins gave them hello bullets. And I inspected one of the nearby cells… never too late to start learning about proper cell design ma used to say…

That’s when we met the new guy, Nose something or other. Boy is he a good cook, made me a hot bowl of my favorite… Edible food!!! But he’s a fun guy, running around, jumping up and down, telling us where to go. I remember thinking it would be really sad if he got captured by a brain eating tentacled alien being who cracks his skull open.

Oh, you remember that name I told you about, Herrod… Well we met him, and he’s exactly like my visions… And it turns out he’s an inquisitor just like Sand! but unlike in my visions, he has his own group with him. He and Red had a good talk while I got to know one of his acolytes, Arcadia. Don’t tell anyone, but I think she likes me. She’s a sniper and nearly as good a shot as me… Nearly…

But she may be the only good thing I’ve found in this place. All I keep seeing is death… Our guide… Kessa… Even my own… It’s just death and lies… These flashes of the future keep coming more and more readily. A grim future, or is it the past? I see myself, but it’s not me… I see me doing things I would never do, shooting Red, Nurse Ariel, even myself… Is this what Mara does to you? Makes you crazy? Takes what you love and rips it’s face off? Takes what you want most and tosses her down a pit? Takes who you are and warps it into something new?

I like Mara… It’s full of interesting stuff, fun people, and friendly worms… But I wish we had never come in the first place…

Red tells me we are nearing on the source of the distress beacon so I’ll have to finish quickly. I’ll catch you up on the most recent events after we’re done here. Although with the way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if a rip in the warp opens up and I’m sucked into it, lost forever…

Well wish me luck Diary,

With love,

Lazerous' Diary Page - 'Ice Station Mara'

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