Little Furry Ones

A large figure stops in front of a shop window peering it. Pressing his nose against the glass with large amounts of his breath appearing on the glass. He smiles as he watches little balls of fur playing together. His eyes open wide while they bite playfully with eachother, wiggling his index finger on the glass. A woman pulls at his coat, “Jak—”

A young Jak peers out his bedroom window on the sill into the small settlement. He watches the other kids playing in the street as he taps his finger on the glass. “— What are you looking at?” A voice comes from the doorway. “Iz lookin at da uder lil uns’ mum. I wun ta play wit dem.”
Crossing her arms as she walks near Jak. “Well, maybe one day but, first you must understand my little Jak, you are a big one to them-” “Iz kno mum! Jak hazta min’ cuz ‘e bigg bu’, hoz com Jak can’ pla?” interrupting his mother.
“Tell you what, you be a good boy, and mom will take you out tomorrow so you can make some friends, kay?” placing her hand on the boy’s bald head.
“Relly mum?! Iz be da bes’ mum!” Jak replies with a wide smile and great excitement.
Handing him his head phones, “Now you know the rules, put the magic ear things on and play with your toys until mom comes back, remember these don’t come off-” as she grabs his feet. “Or the monsters will gobble you!” Jak giggles and laughs, nodding his head.
His mom leaves and he slides back on the floor bobbing his head to the music. Taking a few blocks on the ground and stacks them on top of each other. Oblivious to the loud grunts and moans coming down the hall from his room.

“— Jak! Come on we gotta go.” Says the woman tugging his coat.
‘Oi’ Jez, lookit dem lil furrah unz. Day r odurabel I wunt a furri lil ‘ding..’

Jez proceeds to smack the back of his head as it lowers to watch the playful pets.
‘Oi! wu—-’
“Listen dummy, we have a job to do. And right now you’re just wasting time on watching these childish things instead of-”
Jak quickly interupts extending his finger in Jez’s direction. “Jez, datz not noice, yousa luky youz purdah-”
‘Whatever you timid grox! Gah! Out of all the things I could of done I have to babysit the biggest IDIOT in the imperium! LETS GO NOW!’
Jak stares blankly, trying to comprehend… He looks back at the little furballs playing, and steps back.
‘Thank you so very much.’
They begin to walk down the street.
“I haz a plan Jez, Un’ dah, Jak iz gunna haz Uwn furrah sop. Cept nu unz gunna git Jakz’ lil furrahs!”
Jez extends a palm to her face to soothe the frustrating headache as Jak continues to explain another of his ‘Plans’

“- Un Jak iz gunna haz all ‘iz frunndz ova! I wunda wur lil magik lite boll mun gon. Bu’ wun mattah cuz Jak haz greet idez n Jak ‘ill sen’ ou lil cardz. Oi, I wunda if purdah cap’n’ ladah wilz com? Dat maek Jak ‘appy.”
’Will you shut up, you babbling idiot!’

“Wuz dat ward?”

Little Furry Ones

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