Lu'Nasad- Part II

Jak, Jez and Lupus looked around in amazement. The hive city on Prol IX was basically an enormous storage facility dedicated to information storage in either countless cogitators or as hard files in one of its billions of vaults. Looking up, the acolytes could see tiers of storage vaults as far as the eye could see. This was just one of the millions of storage vault sections located in the hive, and on the planet there were other similar hives, and even the area between the hives was littered with yet more data depositories. And this was just one of nine other like planets in the Prol System.

This was the acolytes’ first time to the planet, and it was easy to see why it represented the ancient seat of the Administratum in the Calixis Sector. The abundance of stored information was so vast that it required the services of an army of specially trained adepts from a scholastic order called the Decatalogues of Prol. One of these specialized adepts now led the group to their destination; without his assistance it would have been near impossible to locate the Sand Box.

“Father, your Master is quite fortunate to be able to retain the use of this storage vault,” the adept remarked in idle conversation as they proceeded to their destination. “Space is at a premium and even now there is much debate over transferring the data from several thousand hard vaults into cogitators. Your Master might have to make alternate arrangements if this plan proceeds to fruition.”

“I will make sure to inform him of that possibility,” Lupus replied before stopping short and turning to look behind him just as Jez, lost in glancing at the tiers above, bumped into his back, the muscular ex-guardsman (or more accurately, guardswoman) knocking the smaller cleric to the floor.

“Sorry father,” she said offering a hand to Lupus who was busy disentangling himself from his robes.

Lupus accepted the hand and when he regained his footing he pointed back the way they come where fifty feet away the towering figure of Jak stood staring as if in a trance at a huge gilded wagon-like object being pulled by four hulking labor servitors. “Jez, go get him so we get this done before dinner.”

The wagon-like object was of fine craftsmanship with expertly crafted symbols of the Imperium and the Emperor adorning its surface. Each of its four sides were filled with rows and rows of drawers and four adepts were busy opening a drawer on each of the sides, searching its contents and motioning to a nearby adept on the floor who ran off and was quickly replaced by another. The wagon-like object with all of its gold adornment was intriguing to Jak and he stood in fascination as it came closer and closer.

“Card catalogue,” Lupus’ guide stated matter-of-factly. “Your friend seems a bit fascinated by it. I am fascinated by your friend’s reaction…I did not know he could read.”

Lupus watched in frustration as Jez pulled on the arm of the immobile form of Jak- not even her strength could budge the gigantic man. By now the “card catalogue” had stopped in front of Jak, who was blocking it’s path. The adepts on top were not happy with the interruption in their work and shouting down at Jak to move out of the way while Jak simply watched with a stupid grin on his face. Lupus rubbed his forehead and decided that he was really looking forward to a drink or four at dinner. This was supposed to be an easy mission. Go to the Sand Box, catalogue the items and bring back the parchment in box eight. With Jez and the adepts shouting in the background, so far it was anything but easy.

Lu'Nasad- Part II

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