Lu'Nasad- Part III

Interrogator Quint looked at the various curios displayed around the room and admired the richness of the collection in both Throne Gelt and historical value- the young nobleman had indeed inherited quite the collection from his now deceased family members. Nearby, Uriel smoked an Ilho-stick while idly fingering a gold bracelet encrusted with jewels on display that was easily worth more than what the entire serf population on the planet Sepheris Secundus earned in a year. This total lack of disregard did not go unseen by the young noble, who was busy watching the actions of the Inquisitorial Agents, a look of utter contempt and rage frozen on his face.

“These are priceless family heirlooms, some passed down through eighty generations of my family. These have been openly displayed in my family holdings without issue- I seriously doubt that any of these warrant Inquisition scrutiny,” Baron Bulagor Thrungg ranted though no one was listening.

By the doorway, standing next to two of Thrungg’s household guards, Godwin and Pullo stood in silence. Godwin idly studied the room’s contents doing his best to avoid the angry gazes of the guards. Pullo, on the other hand, blew a stream of smoke into the face of one of the guards staring at him before dropping his spent Ilho-stick onto the polished marble flooring and stamping it out with his foot. The guard took a step towards Pullo but stopped mid-stride at Quint’s voice.

“Ah, Baron Thrungg, the Inquisition is not accusing you, or your family, of any ill transgressions or crimes against our Lord Emperor, but it has recently come to my attention that your family has recently, say perhaps, eighty or so years ago come into the possession of an artifact of legendary religious and historic value. As a Reliquary Agent of the Emperor’s left hand, I must ascertain if this is indeed the case and am bound to take possession of the relic for safekeeping. Should this happen, you will be adequately compensated of course.”

“This is pretty,” Uriel said examining a large red gemstone about the size of a lady’s fist. The gem was unnaturally smooth with a seeming phosphorescent glow to it. It was set into a gold and silver necklace and placed on an expertly carved white marble bust of an elegant looking older noble woman with features similar to Thrungg.

“Don’t touch that,” Thrungg said as he walked to where Uriel stood looking at the gemstone. “That was my mother’s. My father gave that to her shortly before he passed on. It was his last gift to my mother and she wore it day and night after his passing- never taking it off.”

Quint had joined Thrungg and Uriel at the bust and was now studying a data-slate that he had pulled from one of his coat pockets. His eyes moved back and forth reading the slate’s screen and glancing at the gemstone. “Yes, I think this might be it. Godwin, this way please.”

“What? You can’t be serious. This isn’t a religious relic. It’s an expensive and rare gemstone from the Kronus Expanse. It’s a present to my mother from my father. Are you insane?” Thrungg ranted.

Quint looked at Thrungg with a calm expression, “Oh baron, the Inquisition is nothing but serious, though sanity is optional in my line of work.” He showed the data-slate to the baron, its screen depicting a large gemstone that looked like the one in the baron’s collection but without the necklace setting. “This is the brooch of Saint Drusus. Note the resemblance.”

“The brooch of Saint Drusus?! I have never heard of such a thing. You must be mistaken. This was an expensive present to my mother. A piece of jewelry of significant sentimental and Throne value, nothing more!” Thrungg was livid now.

In the background Pullo could be heard chuckling as Godwin stepped up in front of the bust and studied the gem. “I sense that there is a presence but I cannot be sure without closer inspection. It would require a closer look.”

“I understand,” Quint said turning to the baron. “Baron Thrungg, my man here has some special talents that can validate whether or not this is indeed the brooch. For the safety of all of us present, I advise that we all give him a brief moment of privacy to study the piece. I remember hearing that you had some rare Quaddis Wine.” Putting his arm around the baron’s shoulder, Quint and Uriel began leading the man out the door and Pullo followed. “Let us adjourn to your lounge and share a bottle or two while we discuss proper compensation if this is indeed the item we seek.”

“Wait, wait, we are not going anywhere,” the baron stopped inside the doorway. “I’m not leaving your man alone with my items. These are all highly valuable and precious family heirlooms.”

“Oh course baron, I understand. Feel free to leave one of your guards with my assistant to ensure the safety of your heirlooms.”

“I think that both of these guards will remain here to ensure the safety of my items,” the baron countered to Quint while motioning both guards to go to Godwin’s location.

Quint shrugged, “As you wish baron,” he said before they all exited the room and shut the door.

Inside the room, under the watchful eyes of Thrungg’s guards, Godwin began to remove the bandanna covering his third eye.

Lu'Nasad- Part III

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