Lu'Nasad Part VI

The view screen in Rogue Trader Captain Melua’s personal conference room distorted for a moment with fuzzy green static before coming back with a clear screen depicting the cybernetically-modified face of Magos Genator Faust. It was only by the grace of the God-Emperor that communication from Solace to Morwen VI was even happening. The distance between the planets was immense, and there was an inconvenient time delay but it was the best option available at the moment.

“Gramen, as your friend, I’m imploring you to heed my warning. This course of action…this decision is not one to be taken without proper debate…discussion of the consequences. What you propose…what will happen will go against the very purpose of why many of the Hippocrasian Agglomeration are even here on Morwen VI to study it’s mysteries…To take away the opportunity you have been presented with, nay the Imperium has been presented, in such a manner would be devastating. There will be consequences…not only to the pursuit of research but to you politically.”

“Faust, these are things that I have spent many hours, perhaps weeks pondering. Do not offend me by thinking otherwise. The situation here…is dire to say the least. You are not here to see what Solace has become…a wasteland…a coffin laid open waiting to receive the dead body. The bureaucrats and military leaders have do desire to pull resources from the military campaign in the Spinward Front. This world has already been written off as a loss. It is only by my intervention and the brief assistance of the Dark Angels that it has not fallen yet. But the Dark Angels are gone. My military resources are nearly depleted. The world’s manufacturing infrastructure severely compromised. With no reinforcements, a slow death is all that can be provided to this world.”

“Garmen, I hear what you are saying and understand your logic but listen to one who thinks only in logical terms. The loss of Solace’s population is nothing compared to what can be gained. If the planet’s inhabitants are doomed, so be it. But don’t destroy the technology that exists below the surface. Use the population to resist as long as possible…maybe it will be long enough for reinforcements to arrive…maybe not. But no matter which Solace will be a Bounty not forgotten and efforts will be made to secure the planet when the Spinward Front is stabilized.”

“Old friend,” Gramen replied. “I will not condemn these people to a false hope…to use them as fodder to clog the enemy’s guns and dull their blades so that the Imperium can loot their planet when its good and ready. More importantly, this enemy…these Necrontyr are unlike anything I’ve seen or heard of before. I fear that if we allow them possession of the planet…to even establish a foothold in this sector…the consequences will be too dire to contemplate. I fear I will give up a planet only to lose a sector.”

Faust gave an expression that might have passed for a sigh with his bionic face. “I see you have made your decision and will not be swayed. I cannot promise your holdings will be safe in the Agglomeration. Already there are many who speak of taking action should you continue with this course of action…I will do what I can to quell animosity and stall efforts till you can get your people out but unfortunately I can make no promises. I will state that I disagree with your decision…but as friends I will assist you as best I can.”

“I know I have placed you in an awkward and inconvenient position” Gramen replied looking genuinely concerned “But this is the path I have chosen for what I believe is in the Imperium’s best interests…Solace must die.”

Lu'Nasad Part VI

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