Lysandros' Note- "Beyond the walls of Dreams"

I awoke from my escape in the cosmos of my dream. I found myself stripped and bruised, locked with others in a spiked fortress with fine sand lining the bottom. I could hear someone yelling that our wicked ways brought us here. Our hour at hand and must repent to the useless God Emperor. He came to me to spew his religious filth. I struck the man informing of how unremarkable he is telling me his babble of that poor excuse of a religion.

In the cage the other acolytes were within, save for ‘Red’ we decided to plan our escape from this cage. We noticed a masked figure lowering a ladder before disappearing. A gate opened creatures came pouring out taking other prisoners down. Hoisting Uriel up the ladder so she could lower the ladder a bit more, I hoped to save some of the others but it became too late. As their screams echoed into silence for a meal of these creatures.

As we journeyed through the maze of corridors underneath this bed of slavers, I thought of the details from the House of Dust and Ash. The cost of a dear friend and acolyte Rasar, in his final moments that bought us time. Lord Melua still lives, this fool-hearted noble, listening to him talk about none-sense. Just makes me just want that drink.

A repressed memory from long ago came back to haunt me once more from the depths where it once came, and I remained silent.

Lysandros' Note- "Beyond the walls of Dreams"

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