Lysandros' Note- "Blood and Oil"

It has been many months since our investigation that took Sinophia nearly to the brink of civil-war. The passing of Valen’s corruption being taken within the custody of the Inquisition. Along with the swift change of acolytes under Inquisitor Sand. Possible motives unknown to I but, it is not my place to know.
We were tasked to the moon of Donaris. Some pit-stained world with the same worthless petty squabbles to impose itself worth. The task was an organization known as The Serrated Query. Possibly dealing with peak intrests of Inquisitor Sand. Nonetheless, its just another thing to do. Go in, interrogate the bastard Marcin, and not piss off either the Adeptus Mechanicus and Ecclesiarchy officials, without giving the suspect in custody to either.

We arrived on Donaris, with two sides standing outside the Arbite’s facility. Caught in a heated argument that could at any minute turn into an uncontrollable rage, it was announced Marcin, escaped. Both sides demanding access to the scene, under Red’s leadership we managed to diffuse the situation with this unforeseen distraction.

Upon inspection of the cell, Marcin either he, or something tunneled itself into his cell. I relieved the Arbites at the request of a Gene-printer to compare the odd pool within. It didn’t return a match, just an layout containing a mixture of blood and oil.
Rasar jumped into the tunnel, with no where else to go, I joined him.

We entered a natural cave formation, we continued the most likely path. We found ourselves quickly ambused by apparently heretical servitors. We managed to dispatch them with minor scrapes to ourselves.
Continuing a way we were stopped by a feral tribe of somekind. Asking if I can remember something about cog-men? We managed to convice them that we were just normal men. We stopped and asked them about the area. We heard something of a possible facility in our area. As we left I noticed Rasar giving something to the people, which seemed to relay a sense of hope unto them.


We entered a large room, a figure hovered above us with many mechanical limbs protruding about himself. Focused on his work he took no heed of us. To catch his attention was like a lesser child asking simple questions that the man cared little to answer.

I noticed Red and Rasar leading ourselves to a non-violent end. For what purpose I did not know.
Tech Priest Roche went on about how his work is for the greater good. His mending of flesh into a perfect form was for that of the imperium. His perception of the matter was becoming narrower and narrower. Finally I spoke in a way that would make sense to him.

“If your work is for the greater coming of man, surely it is at risk under the persecution as it is now from either who would deem it so. If you wish to continue your work, our Inquisitor may grant asylum and the resources to take you much further. Is it worth to throw your work away for nothing or to do as you say that is intended, for the Emperor?.”

It was with this, I struck a strand of logic that made his vision ponder. He agreed to come, but feared the repercussions that may follow. We decided to stage his death, taking what evidence we found. Both incriminating the Ecclessiarchy and the Mechanicus, we left the arbites with Marcin’s corpse and the evidence implicating a conspiracy on Donaris, while taking Roche as promised along with intel on the Serrated Query to Inquistor Sand.

Upon arrival I, and others were exposed and invited into a Faction within the Inquisition that our Inquistor was a member of. I joined with reluctance. Who knows what would’ve happened to myself or the others if I had said no…

Lysandros' Note- "Blood and Oil"

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