Lysandros' Note- "Forgive my sins"

Stain of Meridian

The hive was torn asunder, invaded by strange beasts devouring without mercy thousands of citizens.
I managed to escort my family to a safe haven as far from the fighting as I could. But it was too late for my wife. The filth of the xenos infected her, its stain tearing apart her soul as she cried in pain. I had my little girl taken further as I slumped against the wall with my wife in my arms.
Why did the Emperor forsake us, that cursed Governor surrendered this world with inaction? Her breathes became battles for air. There was little that could be done, I could not let her be in pain anymore.

A year later, Meridian managed to pull itself back together. I returned to my precinct, a sudden surge of heretical cult activity that began only a few months back. We staged a raid on one uncovered shortly before that traitor Governor returned. We entered the ritual chamber and I fell to my knees. I do not know how or why they took her. I saw my future, dead and grotesque. I found my daughter, ripped open and laid with heretical runes inscribed. I forsake the Emperor and left this world to burn in the fires.

Original Timeline

The return of memories. Should the sins of the father be burdened on the son? Lost in my sea of emotional rage. Boarding the ship on our way to Mara. The bottle became less friendly and a bane to my eyes. I confessed to Red the past, and how I saw myself in fellow Arbite Constantine. I held of the demons of the bottle, becoming more cold and distant. For the first time in years, I entered a church service. I found myself praying to something I gave up on along time ago.

Mirror battle

Witnessing my other half give up, ending himself shook me, but reinforced by Red’s order that the mission must be complete, I found the willpower within to continue the fight and not give in to despair. The blast that ended my life, but it ended with me standing, and finally. I return in peace to the place I begged to be. With familiar faces I haven’t seen in years. I was home.

Alternate Timeline

Lysandros did not go on a path of redemption, instead the drinking and addiction to obscura, took hold of him. the moments of euphoria they delivered tho easy to attain, were quickly gone. He did not confess to Red or any member, instead he resented everyone around him. There was nothing he saw beyond as he laid dying, seeing the other him standing above. He found himself pity and regret as he looked upon his family. The only piece of paper that makes those who saw it, the only thing known about his past.

Lysandros' Note- "Forgive my sins"

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