Lysandros' Note- "Mansion of Madness"

It was here I finally met the Inquisitor. I have only ever dealt with one agent of the ‘holy’ ordos. I don’t care much for the holiness of their claim but, I had to play along. I have put many criminals to the dogmatic churches to know, its best to keep such banter to oneself.

I met with others, it seemed a disfigured pair. One wore a long hat, suited up in some drab for constant rain. One was a big pale and oddly figured, a bit uneased as I recognized him as one of those ‘sanctioned’ psykers. Unnatural as I believe them to be, he seemed to have some noble stick up the back end of him. I knew an eye must be spared on him in case of any ‘Catastrophe’.
Then a bald man, who prided himself a smooth talker, who just wouldn’t shu-. I was weary of him, his movement around was constantly left little space around his back.

Inquisitor Sand, he stated his title and our purpose. He played the card he was allowed to that the imperium gave. Probably his stance he was able to impose that faith in the emperor that everyone seems to blindly follow and obey. His task was quite simple. Find one of his contacts on a world called Sinophia.
I’ve only been in this sector for a little while, I didn’t give a rat-rear end on any of these places. Heck I did not even want to be found, yet I’m thwarted inwards. Whatever the matter, I’d probably be rotting in that rutting hole in Gun Metal City. The place was too much like home. I’m so far away from there. I should’ve avoided that feeling.

We boarded a transport away. That’s when everyone made their introductions. When they looked at me, came my turn. “Lysandros, Arbitrator.”
I know the title was old, still it was usable for me. I noticed the Bald Man, named Maximus. Kind of shifted his distance a little. I noticed still, his back against the wall.
Some man came in, offered us a little information to the planet. Offered us items to wet his whistle. To make an offer, I asked him for something with a punch. He showed me his family heirloom. I offered 100 Thrones for it, which soon parted his family’s inheritance. Maybe this time, it’ll serve a purpose better than it was in. Just like I have been this whole time.

We arrived on Sinophia, the hat wearing man, named Valen apparently was from here. I did as a bit of my old style. We made the decision to split up. Maximus apparently hesitant to go anywhere near the justice side. Made me think of poor decisions in his life. To not get lost on my own, I took the Psyker, Prateus with me to the Local Arbitrators. There I came to a talk with a fellow named Constantine. He was a younger man than I. A little more ambitious, a reminder of my mouth. I asked for information on the man. I knew it’d be wrong to fly the inquisition card. Not while secrecy stated by Inquisitor Sand had implied to keep. I flew it as a simple Investigation that he should not be troubled with.

I knew Maximus and Valen would be exploring his house. I hope no trouble or something reveals their intentions, I don’t know wether they had the know hows to remain unknown.

We met back up, and continued based on what we found. Some contract lead us to the Administration, which kept returning us to some name. We left as the day was ending to explore this abandoned noble house.

We came to the gates and attempted to go in, around the corner came a couple Enforcers. We looked suspicious, and rightfully so. They came to question us, I knew their place.
“This is an Arbites investigation.” I showed them my creditals, and they moved away. I cannot remember between this small conversation how we managed to open the gate.

We ended up on the grounds, the mansion was badly beaten and boarded up. We found an abandoned truck, I managed to find a large caliber handgun and claimed it for myself. We searched the Mausoleum and found a name that came in our prior search. Alas it was empty, and a hole that let in a draft.

We decided it was time to explore the house, as darkness was setting in.

The dust inside was thick, and the boards seem rotted, a whole section to the right was caved in. Possible to the weight untreated. Probably snow? I don’t know if it even has such seasons on this planet.

As our search continued odd things happen that gave me a chill down my spine. The worse of it, was the baby bones. A moment in memory I wish to forget ran through my head in that instant.
Another that had me was the running tub that had nothing after I pulled the curtain away.

One room, we found an Altar. A thorough search revealed it was moveable. We pushed the altar back, and revealed a set of stairs. Maximus, could not enter the room unless his eyes were covered. We guided him away from the room as we made our descent into the darkness below. He remained behind Praetus. I lead the front with Valen holding the hunker of a lamp around to guide our path. A pool of some odd substance reaching near our knees slowed us down and lead us down spirals of caves.

We were caught in a confrontation with some kind of creatures, they chased us for awhile, until we managed to go further into the caves themselves. Valen and I were heavily wounded. When the rear was deemed safe enough, we had sent him back due to his arm being in serious need of attention.

We ended up in a room, with a man and more of these creatures. He accused us of killing his family. Which set alot of the pieces into place. He stated his connection with the dark powers, and was then suddenly formed into a great red hound. We all ended in a big brawl. I was assailed by groups of the tiny creatures. Ourselves heavy fatigued and wounded, a figure appeared from the door we entered. It was a Fellow Arbite, Constantine, apparently he was a stubborn man who looked into the strange coincidence of my so-called Arbitrator business. The beast immediately set himself against Constantine. It ended up being Maximus, a man I never would have figured for such an act. To throw himself against the beast and plunge his knife deep within, and ending its’ gorram life.

It was soon after, we admitted to Constantine our Employer, as was our purpose.

Lysandros' Note- "Mansion of Madness"

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