Lysandros' Note- Pre "The Warren"

It has been a few years now since I have arrived unto this hive world. Many leagues of stars away from the home I knew. Swept across the stars for forgettable time, yet I have no idea what has attracted to me to this lone place. I thought my life had no quarry anymore, driven by the home I once served nearly all my life enforcing the emperor’s law. Then, I must say risking utter heresy, my faith was lost. I realized the insignificance of one such as my own. I felt as mere cattle among the horror of stars. I have put down many criminals, investigated many grisly murders and rituals. Heck the only job I could find worth doing, was still playing with the laws.
For some crazy reason I felt finally a sense of rest upon my legs, a loose burden elsewhere. I look down upon my hand, still I hold that ring. Heresy be damned, the burden of the past it holds. It was worth it.

I had to learn quick, they call it Gun metal city. It’s a place seeming with gun-slingers, hive scum and villainy. Backstabbers, liars, deceitful types, which at glance one would wonder why they feel home here. I care not for the question, it kept me ever vigilant and quiet about my purpose. I had to start breaking a few of my morals, and daresay more in depth interaction with these lives than I had before. Survival among the den can change someone, lest their unable to adapt quick enough, in this place, a slug into the brain-pan would be sure enough as a hobo using spare thrones on amnasec for his prayers. I preferred this new life. It was until I actually turned to the local Arbites head quarters here. Some guy I was told to bind up for them, I did cause, after the past guy I was the only one operating my small section. It’s been years since I resigned my duties. Before I left my old peice of shit, I still kept my old matted badge. Still legit, but way expired. Some pride of my apprehension got the better of me. He was just some low-life, I made sure he had no connections, which I couldn’t really go around pissing any one off. I showed him to the clerk, and well…. I was offered a job.
It wasn’t long after, I received something with an " =I= " I recognized from the days during my original Arbitrator training. I have no idea how or why I deserved an attention.
I sold the little possession I earned myself here. Threw on my thick trench, threw on my hat, a pack of smokes and my shotgun. Wiped my badge clean, as I left for the starport. Someone from one of those shady little stands called out to me, he noticed a golden band around my hand. Asked if I’m willing to part, I told him no. I felt something small brush against my leg. A young kid trying to dash away, and the ring was gone.
The guy smiled and was about to crack a one liner. Little was he expecting a blunt object crushing the few teeth he had right out. I pulled out my badge and watched the kid look back, his mistake. He revealed something as he trekked his way back, it was fear. He begged no more harm to his father. Handed my ring back. I left the kid with a spare throne.
The ring slipped back upon my finger. I miss you honey, I whispered into my head.

The shopkeeper spittleing blood out from his mouth. “I’m going to sue your ass man, I will get my lawyer and you’ll be done for!”

You can’t harm the dead.

+ Intent to fail to confess guilt +
+ Deception of an Arbitrator +
+ Theft of Imperial Citizens Property +
+ Theft of Adeptus Arbites Property +
+ Judgement: Field Execution +

Lysandros' Note- Pre "The Warren"

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