Lysandros' Note- "The Daemon and The Mirror"

It has been awhile since the Mansion incident. The others earned my trust and respect.
Inquisitor Sand had kept us on this world of Sinophia. We were to wait for two of his agents to deal with a concern Constantine requested of him.
A series of odd murders involving nearly all of the city’s wacky bureaucracy.

We arrived and were treated to an introduction with Red and Rasar. They were fairly simple minded in speech but, held an authoritative and respectful tone. They seemed to be packing enough gear for what seemed war was heading this way.

With small skirmishes and a chase that ended in the suspect assassinated. We learned along the way of a mysterious Rogue Trader Dynasty which left bits of footprints in the city. Alot dealing with Clock-works. Under suspicion now that the whole city knew of our association, i sent Inquisitor Sand a warning of the compromise but was returned with an automated reply. I held Constantine as the only trust-worthy person in the city. We learned the reasons for murders were tied to pieces of a broken mirror. All who were killed either were or suspected of possessing these shards.

We were eventually made known to another acolyte group. These fellows seemed much more equipped than us but, why they were truly on the same trail as us.
To build a list of suspects, I placed the suspicion of the Chief Arbitrator Skarmen whom has not yet contacted us, but had always been reported about our whereabouts. I had to remove our movements from being known by anyone I can. While we round up and eliminate possible false leads.

*bleh memory fart.

Lysandros' Note- "The Daemon and The Mirror"

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