Lysandros' Note- "The Dreams in which I'm Dying"

The remains of my shattered mind had broke. Here I was among the void, without form and daunted by the ever dark surrounding. I cannot remember what lead to this. Shapes and colors began to form.
I see upon the look is a dark castle surrounded by a violent sea. Plumes of smoke rising above, it’s gate formed a great maw of a beast. With its jagged teeth the ship sailed itself towards the entrace of its belly.

As it seeps inside to the beast i found myself staring upon a statue, the ground writing in flame as the marble stood upon holding onto something it found itself sacred. The presence of black birds fanning into the air from the lone tree. The barks of these black birds rung with a sickening presence that stabbed into my heart.

As I stared upon the brink of oblivion, the face began to take a human form. I remember those eyes, the hair, her face was sitting upon the edge of my mind. I cannot place whom it was I could recall. She clung tightly to her symbol of faith as she stared upon me. I watched the embers catch her like a parchment scroll, as she turned to ash and flung into the wind with those black birds creating a whirlwind away.

A beast rose up from the fires, it’s eyes reddend that drove my madness as it climbed itself as it brought shadow enveloping the land, it laid its tongue upon the slab it’s mouth opened upon the remains of a corpse that laid upon, it’s tongue assumed the force of hands gripping the lifeless body, pulling it deep within his belly to sedate his hunger.

I found myself alone.. Back into the void, I stood staring upon the abyss, I felt as though an eye of terror gazed upon myself. I noticed a swirling mix, a form I remember from long ago. Wrapping itself upon myself. She was there, whispering the voyage along the river, to where we can rest in peace. All of this in the final end, I felt her embrace, but I just stared still upon the monster beyond. I felt my end, the cessation of my soul. The little worth I am to all the events that take place. Faithless in the fate played upon my very being.

A warm numbing came from my chest. I looked down and blood began pouring from where my heart rest. I wiped my hand away, and notice all eyes began pouring the fluid of my life. A portal opened, a light pierced through the space of my dream. A hand clad in golden armor, grabbed my hand leading me in… All my regret and sorrow returned as I left the peace I felt. Within the cosmos of my mind.

Lysandros' Note- "The Dreams in which I'm Dying"

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