Medical Report - Patient Zero

4th Precinct Medical Facility
Patient Records

Patient Number: 4116.66
Name of Patient: Classified
Codename: Patient Zero Flibbles!
Date of Admission: 7655815.M41

Current Status: Normal Pending Release

Initial Diagnosis: Patient Zero admitted with minor trauma to right arm, possible gun shot wound. Signs of mental trauma also evident, likely caused by infection of the wound. Treatment of stimm shots and vaccine patches should have the patient back to normal within a day.

Doctor Notes:
8-6 : Patient Zero’s Arm fully healed after one treatment session. The subjects apparently malnourished body seems to be quite healthy otherwise and healed exceptionally fast. Patient’s mind still shows signs of infection. He appears to be suffering under the belief his arm was lost when wounded and that we have replaced it with an identical cybernetic replica. Perhaps this is a side effect of the warp on the Psyker’s mind. To be sure, recommending we keep him overnight for further observation. – Doctor Malteese

8-8 : Initial diagnosis of Patient’s state of mind severely underestimated. Patient Zero demonstrates classic signs of Schizophrenia combined with severe delusions about the world around him. Luckily, the patient does not appear to be hostile. Quite the opposite in fact, he appears to operate much the same as a young child. It is strange to think such a fractured individual could be part of the Inquisition… Further study is recommended, but the patient is in good enough health to be released. – Doctor Malteese

8-11 : Scans of patient’s brain have repeatedly come back negative. Our instruments have been unable to get clear readings. While the patient still shows signs of mental instability, he is cleared to return to duty. It should be noted that Patient Zero has taken to following a few of the nurses around as they perform their duties. Normally I would cease this type of action immediately but given his special circumstances I see no reason to try and stop him. – Doctor Malteese

8-16 : There have been a few complaints about Patient Zero, or ‘Doctor Flibbles" as he has taken to calling himself. It seems a few Nurses have overheard him talking to himself at times and his wild delusions have begun upsetting a few of the other Patients. Although we attempt to convince him otherwise, patient still operating under the belief he has a cybernetic appendage. While for the most part this belief serves little to hinder his life, yesterday a technician was injured as Patient Zero attempted to “lift” one of the dispensers. Thankfully the man is alright, but it now seems Patient Zero’s stay at our facility is wearing it’s course. – Doctor Malteese

8-21 : Things have gotten completely out of hand. Two more people have been injured due in part to Patient Zero’s delusional outbreaks, and to top it off we have twice caught him in the act of ‘operating’ on another patient. It seems Patient Zero fully believes he is becoming a Doctor. I realize the patient is a member of the Inquisition but this is a hospital and these are people’s lives we are talking about. If Patient Zero does not leave on his own, I shall be forced to take more drastic action. – Doctor Malteese

8-23 : This is the last straw. Yesterday a young child came into the facility suffering from a deep laceration to the gut. Before we could stop him, Patient Zero had healed the boy using his Psyker powers. It’s one thing to have him following nurses around, filing paper work and the like, but I will not have a rogue Psyker running around my facility operating on my patients, Inquisition or not! I shall be informing his superiors and requesting he be removed from the premises immediately. – Doctor Malteese

8-25 : Dear Medical Chart,

It’s me, Doctor Flibbles, again!

I have really enjoyed my time here at the Doctor training place but it seems I’ve been called back home by mom. It’ll be a shame to say good bye to all my new friends like Nurse Blue Stuff, and Flattened Jim, and the guy from room 12 that doesn’t talk anymore… but it has to be done. I’ll miss them all, but luckily they still have each other to play with!

I can’t wait to get back and show all my old dead friends this new arm of mine! At first I was really upset that I lost my old one, but this one looks so much like it and now I can nearly lift heavy things so I’m starting to like having it around. Now me and Hadrian can be best friends because we’re both part robot!

Anyway, these people don’t look too happy that I’m playing around on their computers so I should go! Don’t want to keep mom waiting! Bye bye now medical chart! – Doctor Laz Flibbles…

Medical Report - Patient Zero

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