Metalus' Personal Log- "Into the Depths"



  • Log Number 115:64B:SS2:Hgf
  • Work Station Location: Gaven

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Thank you, Father Metalus,

You may proceed…

  • Date: 246.M41
  • Transcription: Savant Gaan, Ordo Hereticus, Inquisitorial Data-Library Facility, Tri-Corn, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla
  • Subject: The “Anphelion Project”

The Death World of Kenov III…Who would have thought that in this deadly, forsaken place whose attempts by humanity to colonize have been disastrous would have a secret human research facility…I gave my word to ten loyal Imperial Guardsmen…Servants of the Emperor…that they would be safe and they have all perished. I am not bothered so much by their deaths for I have given my word for the protection of many Imperium servants that have found release in the work of the Emperor…No…I am bothered by the nature of the enemy we faced.

The official records state that this research facility is the work of privateers and black market organizations that specialize in Xenos hardware and genetic material but I know that these are lies. It did not take the presence of death dealing Genestealers waiting around every corner or hiding in every air duct…nor was it the falsified Arrest Warrant that was issued for myself and my fellow investigators accusing us as the conspirators responsible for this illegal installation…I could tell…I could see the answer clear as day…The Inquisition…Conspirators all of them…protecting humanity at the cost of humanity…

They may have noble intentions to protect humanity from the evils of itself but at what cost and why at the lives of good, loyal, Emperor-serving men…I struggle at the necessity of this cloak and dagger operation in its current twisted form.

No, I will not run…I will no longer be a pawn of these shadow puppet masters- the enemies and the overseers. I will turn myself in and plead my case…I can only wish that the Emperor will find me worthy to serve him still…perhaps against enemies that I can see.

Metalus' Personal Log- "Into the Depths"

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