Metalus' Personal Log- "Operation Clean Sweep"



  • Log Number 115:83G:FS2:Zcv
  • Work Station Location: Yurtney

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  • Date: 248.M41
  • Transcription: Savant Foegan, Ordo Hereticus, Inquisitorial Data-Library Facility, Tri-Corn, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla
  • Subject: Operation Clean Sweep

Never have I seen such Evil…Heresy…Blasphemy…Death…Destruction…and wonton Anarchy as I did during this last mission. Designated as “Operation Clean Sweep,”the Imperial Guard and local PDF conducted a massive cleanse and burn operation in the Scintilla Hive District of Arastus which was the location of a massive heretic and mutant rebellion. Imagine…this took place in the Capital Hive of the Calixis Sector! The enemies of the Imperium are closer than most think. You sit there content and pious in your home secure in Imperial domains only to have your neighbor kill you and burn down your house.

The authorities cannot confirm how, or who was the provider, but somehow the rebels acquired a large weapons stash which was used to arm the insurgents. How these uncoordinated impoverished insurgents got a hold of such an arsenal does not make any sense but they did and they used it to terminate the local authorities and slaughter all of the helpless citizens. The local authorities were slow to act in suppressing the slaughter and I fear that it will take the Arastus District a long time to recover.

My fellow Acolytes and I were tasked to go into the Arastus District ahead of the main Imperial Guard and PDF strike force with the mission to locate and destroy the rebels’ weapons cache. Our journey through the District to the rebels’ stronghold was full of horrors that remembering still brings tears to my eyes and strengthens my resolve against our enemies. To slaughter so many innocents for no reason other than to indulge in one’s own demented and twisted pleasures could only be the influence of Chaos. I will not repeat the gruesome acts I witnessed and I’m sure there are photographic and video evidence in the Military Data-banks for those who are still curious despite my warnings. If only all men knew the importance of the Emperor and the nature of the foe that he sacrificed himself against in order to protect us.

We located the weapons cache deep within in the rebels’ base and the mark of Chaos was clearly present. It was protected by animated corpses that were infused with the power of Chaos. These vile creatures are a sacrilege and parody of man and I can only imagine the foul sorcery that was used to bring them to life. The rebels’ leaders were nearby as well. A strange coffin-like object that contained a man trapped inside and a morbidly dressed athletic man whose skill with the blade was quickly made known when he cut down our Psyker Jonas. Jonas was lucky to survive the strike and on the verge of death was able to trigger a blast of psychic fire that immolated the heretics. The weapons cache was located shortly afterward and destroyed by explosives.

I think back to that mission and do not fret over the loss of life that occurred. What I do worry about and grieve is that there appears to be no place safe from Chaos.

Metalus' Personal Log- "Operation Clean Sweep"

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