Metalus' Personal Log- "Twilight"



  • Log Number 115:64B:SS2:Hds
  • Work Station Location: Yurtney

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  • Date: 246.M41
  • Transcription: Savant Foegan, Ordo Hereticus, Inquisitorial Data-Library Facility, Tri-Corn, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla
  • Subject: Space Hulk “Twilight

Little did I know when I accepted this position with the Inquisition that there was such horror in the galaxy. No stranger to the enemies of the Imperium, I have faced a number of Xenos, Daemons and Witches but most of these confrontations took place as part of large-scale military actions and to stand against these foes with only a handful of companions is a different experience all together. In these moments one will realize if they truly have faith in the Emperor and whether they will have the strength to carry out his will.

My first assignment as an Acolyte of the Ordo Hereticus was to investigate a spacehulk, designated as “Twilight” that materialized out of the warp and onto a collision course with the planet of Scintilla. The only thing keeping the Imperial Navy from immediately destroying this planet-ending threat was that the spacehulk was broadcasting the call sign of the famed Daemonhunter Inquisitor Adorjin.

I know that the Inquisition employs only the best agents and the Acolyte Cell that I have been assigned to consist of a Tech-Priest named Vern, an Assassin named Xerxes and a Sanctioned Psyker named Jonas. All of these men appeared to be proficient in their respective fields. To further assist us in this mission, the Ordo Xenos had sanctioned the deployment of one Deathwatch Space Marine, Brother-Sergeant Agamorr. Never had I meet one of these legendary warriors and the Brother-Sergeant was no disappointment. Easily the largest human I had every seen, you could immediately tell that the Marine was engineered for combat and was extremely good at it. This would later be proven in graphic detail soon after boarding the spacehulk when I saw Agamorr pulverize Dark Eldar foes and their wretched warp-spawned pets with his mighty Thunder Hammer.

The means that the Dark Eldar Raiders used to get on the spacehulk were unknown as no ships were detected by the Imperial Navy and their reasons for being on board were unknown. In addition to the Dark Eldar, the spacehulk was also a host to apparitions of Imperial citizens- apparently trapped on the spacehulk by methods unknown. Never had I seen “ghosts” before and I would not have believed that they existed had I not seen them. I was very perplexed by this discovery and will seek religious consul on the matter.

Along with the Dark Eldar and the ghosts, we also came into contact with another Inquisition Team that was sent to the spacehulk by Inquisitor Soldevan. Apparently they too were sent to investigate the beacon of Inquisitor Adorjin and secure her sword, the Luminous Reproach (a high-value Imperial relic) and her copy of the famed book of the Grey Knights- the “Liber Daemonica.” We decided to join forces and pursue the mission together.

Our path led us to one of the Inquisition’s infamous Black Ships, which was embedded inside of the spacehulk. This was apparently the source of the ghosts who were the spirits of long dead psykers that were passengers on the ship. One of the ghosts served as an Interrogator for Inquisitor Adorjin and he led us to Adorjin’s final resting place. Deep inside the Black Ship’s hold we found the Inquisitor frozen in time delivering the deathblow to a mighty Daemon, which was also frozen in time. Never before had I seen such horror and my pulse raced as I came face-to-face with a nightmare made real. My faith in the Emperor kept me strong and I am grateful that the Emperor is on our side to battle these abominations.

We secured the Liber Daemonica and the Luminous Reproach. The Daemon and Adorjin were truly dead. With these relics in hand we prepared to depart the spacehulk but were attacked by the Dark Eldar who were also interested in obtaining the Liber Daemonica and the Luminous Reproach. Led by a despicable member of their species named Akirvas, the Dark Eldar launched a mass assault. Their numbers were overwhelming and some of the weapons and creatures that they used to fight us, grotesque twisted versions of their kin, were hideous not only due to their alien nature but because of the brutal destruction that they caused- people were rend apart or melted into pools of bio-matter.

Alas, treachery would rear its ugly head as one of Soldevan’s Acolytes, an ex-guardsman named Forden, turned out to be a traitor. Forden shot dead one of his teammates and secured the Liber Daemonica. Before he could be stopped, he fled to the Dark Eldar lines and they assisted him in escaping with the tome.

With the tome in their possession, the Dark Eldar renewed their attacks to get the sword and our forces were on the verge of being overrun and destroyed. If not for the timely arrival of Brother-Sergeant Agamorr who appeared on scene and started slaughtering our foes (we thought the Sergeant had perished earlier when he took on a massive wave of Warp Beasts prior to our arrival at the Black Ship). With Agamorr’s assistance we put the Dark Eldar into a full route and the survivors quickly fled from the ship just as the Imperial Navy began their bombardment of the “Twilight” to destroy it before it collided with the planet. Luckily, we were able to make it out alive by using the Black Ship’s escape pods.

At the conclusion of this mission I find myself with more questions than answers: What did Forden and the Dark Eldar want the Tome for? How did the Dark Eldar breach so deep into secure Imperial space to board the “Twilight?” Is there an afterlife or are we destined to become ghosts? Perhaps that is the nature of the Inquisition- to always have questions and constantly seek the answers.

Metalus' Personal Log- "Twilight"

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