Mir's Ascension

“Legate Investigator Mir, step forward.”

“Yes Sir.” Responded Mir.

With a motion of his hand Inquisitor Sand motioned for a cloaked figure to step forward and present himself. “For some time now I have been watching you closely and I believe you have great potential to serve me as well as the Emperor, but for time being your service to me has been put on hold.” With only a brief pause the cloaked figure stepped closer to Mir and began to speak. “While your service to me has just begun.” Pulling the hood of the cloak back the figure identified herself as Crusader Amberlyn of the house of Vigilant Sword.

“Your master Inquisitor Sand submitted a request for your review for admittance into our house and so I am here now with our decision.” Flinging the side her cloak over her shoulder she drew a finely crafted sword hidden by her garb and held it only a inch from Mir’s neck. She held the weapon there with the stillness of a statue as she continued to talk. “Upon request of your master, you have been examined and studied. Though your mind lays on the brink of the abyss, your will and sense of duty lay untouched if not hardened by the trials you have endured. So with this we extend a invitation join our Crusader House. Do you accept?”

Still struck with surprise on how swift she was able to bring her weapon before he could even react, he paused for several moments looking at the Crusader as well as his now former master before he gave his response.

“I do.”

“Very well, as of now you are accepted into the ranks of the House of the Vigilant Sword” Before Mir could respond the Crusader turned her sword and stuck him upside the head with flat of her blade knocking Mir instantly unconscious.

After lengthy period of time had past, Mir regained consciousness. As he rubbed his eyes clear of the blur, he slowly came to realize that he was locked in a stone prison cell barely big enough to contain him and only had a ragged tunic covering him. The cell was cold, a breeze blew in from a barred skylight above and sent a chill through his bones. Suddenly the cell door swung open with a loud slam and what he could tell it was the voice of Crusader Amberlyn. “Greetings aspirant. Now that you have bothered yourself to join us of the living, your training can now begin. Be warned it will not be easy, many have died but if you do survive the training you will be welcomed with open arms to our household as a full fledged member. Till then do your best not to die.” With that she left the entrance of the cell and two large hooded figures took her place and drug Mir out of the cell to begin his training.

From then on Mir went on a highly structured, highly ritualized training that involved a mixture of combat training, meditation, psycho-therapy and indoctrination of crusader beliefs and doctrines. As this went on for days, weeks even months the training did not let up even for a moment but Mir could feel the affects of the training taking root. His fractured mind became a place of calm and serenity, no longer did dreams of monstrous creations and bloody battlefields plague his mind when he closed his eyes. As days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into a year, Mir was interrupted one day while he was in his cell in deep meditation. “You have come far aspirant.” Realizing it was the voice of Amberlyn, Mir rose to his feet and stood attention before the Crusader. “Come… It is time aspirant.”

Following the female crusader through a maze of ever twisting hallways for almost a half hour they found themselves in a dimly lite auditorium ringed by several dozen cloaked figures all clasping large ornate tower shields in front of them. After guiding Mir to the center of the room Amberlyn took her place in front of Mir, as soon as she stopped the ring of cloaked crusaders shrank around them till they all stood shoulder to shoulder forming a seamless wall around Amberlyn and Mir with they’re shields. “Aspirant Mir, it was a year ago to the day that you started your training here. When you started you were on the brink of madness but with the aide of our household you have been brought back to the light of Emperor and re purposed with one goal in your life. That goal being to ensure the safety of your charge and master. With this goal set firmly into your mind and soul, we have given you every tool at our disposal to ensure your success except for two.” With a motion of her arm a section of the crusaders parted just enough to let one person pass through then close once they had pass through. Stepping into the light there was Inquisitor Sand carrying both expertly and ornately crafted sword and shield.

As Sand took his place next to Amberlyn she spoke to Mir once more. “Here are the last two tools we can offer you. First being a shield to help you protect your charge whenever those who wish to harm them expose themselves. Second being a sword to help you strike down all those who oppose you and your charge. Now kneel aspirant and accept these holy items” Dropping to one knee Mir extends his arms and accepts them from Sand. “Now stand and be recognized brother! The House of the Vigilant Sword welcomes you among it’s ranks.” Standing upright Mir clutches his sword and shield in each hand while meeting Amberlyn’s gaze. “Brother Mir, I now release you from my charge and return you to your proper master. Let no harm come to him and smite all those that oppose him.” With those last words the ring of crusaders draw they’re swords and raise them arching over the inner three as if giving their blessing.

Mir's Ascension

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