New Recruits


  • +++++++Transmitted: Scintilla
  • +++++++++Received: Astropath Festus
  • +++++++Destination: Interrogator Sand- Sepheris Secundus
  • ++++++Mission Time: 8 206 851.M41
  • ++++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Axis
  • +++++++++++++Ref: New Recruits/454226252/HC
  • +++++++++++Author: Inquisitor Volk

Thought for the Day: “There is Nothing to Fear but Failure.”

Interrogator Sand

Based on your last report, I assume that you have made great progress in your investigation of this latest uprising by the Brotherhood of Malice and I foresee the end of this insurrection coming to pass in a few weeks. Without your detailed research and the well placed Intelligence that you sent through the proper channels I fear that the Imperial Guard and Planetary forces would still be thinking defensively instead of employing the offensive stratagem they are in the process of using. Based on the Guard’s reports that I have reviewed thus far the campaign is going well with the exception of the stalled attack in the area of the Gorgonoid Mine known as “the Shatters.”

Your reports on this area of resistance seem to point to a possible Chaos influence working against the Imperial forces and spurring on the rebels. I agree with this deduction and this brings me the subject of this message…I have just created a new cell of Acolytes designated as Cell C2. Their personnel files have been attached for you to review. They have just completed their training at the Tri-corn and I have sent them to “the Shatters” to evaluate and act on the situation there. I think this will be a great exercise to see their skills and abilities in action as well as give them a taste of their new life as servants on the Emperor as his most important weapon against the enemies of Mankind- the Inquisition. This mission should weed out the weak-minded and those not suited for this type of work. I ask that you monitor their progress out of sight for now and evaluate their performance. You will be meeting them in person soon and will be taking command of the Cell for additional tasks.

Judge them as I would judge…weakness in the face of the enemy is not to be tolerated. I await your after-action report.

Cell C2 Recruits:

New Recruits

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