Outsmarting the Sisters

Luck takes off out of the container that Facebiter once called his base of operations. Looking back to see everyone else taking off in different directions, she runs headlong into a large armored form. Taking a step back and looking up, Luck sees a striking woman in power armor.

“Drop your weapons!” the woman commands Luck.

Luck slowly puts her weapons away and raises her hands. Looking around, she sees a full squad of Seraphim with their weapons leveled at her. “Finally. You must be the reinforcements. I’m with the Inquisition on an official investigation.”

“Drop your weapons on the ground!” the woman reiterates.

Luck makes a snap decision, deciding that she doesn’t like this woman very much. Can’t she see that Luck is on an important mission? Who is she to give orders, anyway? With this flashing through her head, Luck takes off in the opposite direction.

Though they had readied their weapons and had them trained on her, Lucks sudden movement takes the Sister and her squad off guard. Flames lick at her heels, and bolter shells strike all around her as she exits the shipping container from the other side.

Taking off through the stacked shipping connexes in the area, hoping that will slow down the sisters pursuit, Luck looks back and trips as she sees the sisters bulldozing their way through the containers and narrow alleyways they create. The lead seraphim widens the doorways with her powersword.

After a few minutes of pursuit, Luck runs into a connex, only to have a sister slam down from the air in front of the other exit. Turning around, she sees the way she came in is likewise blocked. Quickly, flamers appear in all the doors and cracks in the connex. Thinking quickly, Luck notices a large rent in the bottom of the connex, and a hopefully fire retardant tarp. As the flames begin to pour out of the Sisters flamers, Luck grabs the tarp and wedges herself in the crack in the connex. Nearly passing out from the heat and smoke as the connex begins to melt down on top of her, Luck finds that she is fated to survive.

After she notices that the Sisters have left and the connex seems to be cooling down, Luck takes in a deep breath, and then starts coughing violently between giggles of the groups microbead.

Outsmarting the Sisters

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