Pict File Marr Encounter

Ref: Inq/045678499/OPLogo
Subject: Verbal Transcript of Pict-Recorded Document
Date: 815.M41
Location: Solomon, Halls of the Chancellery Court, 13-Chamber
Sector: Calixis
Original Transcription: Adept Thodinna, Ordo Xenos, Hipprocrasian
Agglomeration, 815.M41



[Stationary Pict-source] View of a non-descript and battered looking door with a small brass plate labeled “XIII.” Pict-source scans briefly in a 360-degree sweep displaying a dilapidated mezzanine level high up in the shadows of a great vaulted building.
Motion detection of man [Subject I] standing in front of the door. Dressed in red and white robes with a hood partially covering his head. Inquisitor Rosette hangs from a silver chain on his neck- positively identified as Inquisitor Gramen Sand, Ordo Xenos. [verified]
Additional motion detection of two other servo-skulls hovering over [Subject I] [Sand]. These identified as Guardian-skulls armed with autoguns. Also under control of [Subject I] [Sand].

The door opens and [Subject I] [Sand] steps inside. Servo-Skulls follow and begin tracking potential targets. [Pict-source] Wide angle view of a dark and dusty room furnished in black wood and stacked from floor to ceiling with crack-spined books, rolls of parchment, and heaps of yellowed documents. A small fire gutters in a hearth in one corner and dirty glow lamps set in recesses in the walls shed limited light. Two labor servitors stand against the far wall in front of a bookcase.
[Subject II] A hunched man in a dark sedan chair sits in the middle of the room. Withered elderly man with long, lank hair and a narrow sharp face. He is encased in several layers of threadbare and soiled-looking clothes and a moth-eaten fur shawl covers his shoulders. He succumbs to a wracking fit of coughing and blood dribbles from his mouth- positively identified as Inquisitor Silas Marr. [verified]
[Subject III] Gaunt young women in a heavy stiff-backed dress and gauzy mantle dabs the blood from [Subject II] [Marr] face then takes her place at [Subject II] [Marr] side fixing {Subject I] [Sand] with an intense gaze- positively identified as Sham’sel (Beta-grade Sanctioned Psyker). [verified]

VOICE (1) [SAND]: Where are they? Where are my Acolytes?
VOICE (2) [MARR]: (another fit of coughing before response) Inquisitor Sand, straight to the point of course with no time for socializing amongst colleagues?
VOICE (1) [SAND]: You speak to me about social graces and courtesy but it is because of your lack of response concerning the status of my Acolytes that I had to make this trip here personally.
VOICE (2) [MARR]: Young Inquisitor, Acolytes are but resources to be used to further the Emperor’s work. When you have been in the Inquisition as long as one such as myself, you will learn to realize that it is the work that is the most important. You, I, your Acolytes, all of us are but resources in the great war, to be expended as needed for Humanity’s survival.
VOICE (1) [SAND]: My Acolytes are mine to expend as needed. We both have investigations to carry out. If you lack the manpower to carry out your duties, then perhaps aggressive recruitment efforts should be made instead of using your political clout to take resources from others.
VOICE (2) [MARR]: (fit of wracking coughing) There are people in levels much higher than you or I influencing every decision. Do you think that the re-assignment of your Acolytes was due to mere chance? I have several pots on the stove- multiple high-level investigations that concern the survival of this very sector- the Beast House, the Pilgrims of Hayte and an assortment of wanted heretics and criminals. I was told that this specific team of your Acolytes would bring several of these lines of inquiry together and so far it appears so.
VOICE (1) [SAND]: Who provided you this information referencing my agents?
VOICE (2) [MARR]: It is better if you do not know. What does it matter anyway? Your acolytes are serving a noble purpose.
VOICE (1) [SAND]: One that will cost their lives?
VOICE (2) [MARR]: Does that matter? Would that not be an acceptable sacrifice to hold back the darkness we face?
VOICE (1) [SAND]: Are you saying they are dead?


Pict File Marr Encounter

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