Pilfered Interrogation Recording

Ref: INQ/011774290/IR
Subject: Verbal Transcript of Recorded Prisoner Interrogation
Date: [Classified]
Location: [Classified]
Sector: Calixis
Original Transcription: [Classified], Ordo Hereticus

+ Extracted from the personal servo-skull in service to Inquisitor [Classified], Ordo Hereticus +

>Recording Starts

[Majority of pict data corrupted and intangible.] What can be seen is a narrow angle view of a dark cramped interrogation room. Two subjects sit opposite each other around a small sturdy looking table. [Subject One] appears to be a young athletic man whose features are indistinguishable due to the records corruption. He sits with his arms on the table, bound with iron shackles. Seated across from him is [Subject Two], an older male wearing dark Scintilian robes. While his features cannot be seen due to corruption, the inquisitors Rosette hanging from his neck positively identify him as Inquisitor [Classified], Ordo Hereticus. [Verified]

[Subject Two]: “Shall we get started then?”

[No response from [Subject One] aside from shallow shifting of his bound hands. [Subject Two] produces a thin archaic folder which he sets on the empty table and begins shifting through the papers within.]

[Subject Two]: “So I shall be the one to start the introductions, alright… I am Inquisitor [Classified].”


[Subject Two]: “And you are the infamous assassin known as Rylak… No?”

[[Subject Two] takes a moment to look over a piece of yellowed parchment as the two sit in silence.]

[Subject Two]: “Then perhaps I should call you [Classified]?”

[At the mention of his name [Subject One] straightens up in his chair.]

[Subject Two]: “Yes, I thought that might get your attention, shall we start again? You are in fact the assassin known as Rylak?”

[Subject One]: “Yes, sir.”

[Subject Two]: “And you are the individual that broke into this Inquisition Records Depository two nights ago?”

[Subject One]: “Yes, Sir.”

[Subject Two]: “Tell me Rylak, what was your purpose for that intrusion.”

[Subject One]: “I was in need of information, Sir.”

[Subject Two]: “Information on what? The data you stole had been classified as low priority, minor technical stuff pertaining to one individual Acolyte cell, Red Cell I believe it’s known as. An Acolyte cell under the command of Inquisitor Gramen Sand. What could you possibly need with this data?”

[Subject One]: “Information, Sir. You’d be surprised what your scribes consider ‘low priority’, sir. I’d call it high quality reconnaissance myself.”

[Subject Two]: “Reconnaissance… On a target?”

[[Subject One] Nods.]

[Subject Two]: “You were hired to kill a member of the Inquisition? Assassinate an Inquisitor?… One of his Acolytes?”

[Subject One]: “Yes, sir.”

[Subject Two]: “[Classified]?”

[Subject One]: “He is a hard man to track, Sir.”

[Subject Two]: “Yes… Although he does tend to leave a rather obvious trail wherever he goes… Regardless, having attained this information do you still plan on following through with your contract?”

[Subject One]: “No, sir. While I’m sure I could take the [Classified], his friends may give me a run for my money, especially that big guy who runs the show.”
[Subject Two]: “As I thought… Perhaps we may be able to salvage this mess. Who hired you?”

[Subject One]: “Unknown client, sir. Perhaps if you checked with the Manifesto…”

[Subject Two]: “Nonsense, I know you only keep ties with your Death Cult to keep on the Imperium’s good side… Don’t give me that look Rylak, if I cared about your minor digressions I’d already have you conscripted to the Penal Legion. As it turns out, we may be able to avoid that. You’ve done work for the Inquisition before, and now I request of you another service.”

[Subject One]: “Sir?”

[Subject Two]: “Whoever hired you took it upon themselves to hedge their bets, so to speak. There has been a report of another assassin spotted in the area, three days ago in fact, I’m sure you recognize her.”

[[Subject Two] slides a photo across the table.]

[Subject Two]: “Unlike you, she is far less concerned with the well being of the Imperium, and far too concerned with the jingle in her pockets. Time to redeem yourself Rylak.”

[[Subject One] picks up the photo and slowly gets to his feet. There is a faint scraping sound followed by a thud as the shackles are tossed back onto the table.]

[Subject Two]: “Impressive, I’m quite interested as to how a man of your talents allowed himself to be captured so easily…”

[Subject One]: “Are we done, sir?”

[Subject Two]: “Don’t go too far Rylak, we’ll be watching. Just end this threat against the Inquisition and see that our friend comes to no harm. I trust you too wish to keep him from harm? Given your connection, I’m surprised you even took the job…”

[[Subject One] taps the photo against the table.]

[Subject Two]: “Ah, yes… Perhaps when you’ve finished we could talk about this exciting opportunity that’s just come up. A chance for some real work…”

[[Subject One] Slowly returns to his seat flipping the photo face down on the table. He speaks as he slides the photo back towards [Subject Two] knocking the shackles to the floor.]

[Subject One]: “You wanted to talk…”

>Recording Ends

Pilfered Interrogation Recording

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