Prince-ss Jak

Jak walked back to his private quarter, which resembled more of a small cell than a comfortable living space. The bed’s springs creaked as his heavy weight sat down. Looking towards his shelves of knick-nacks, he widens his grin. Looks to left, then to the right. As if to make sure no ones watching him. He reaches under his pillow and pulls out a small matted fuzzy thing. ‘Oi ’eddy!’ Holding a worn and tattered teddy bear, it’s button eye nearly losing the stitch to hold on.
“Ol’ Jak gotza sum’fin!” reaching into his pocket, he looks around again, ensuring there were still no onlookers. He pulls out a tiny pink tiara and puts it on top of the teddy’s head.
“I gotza be’a princess too!”

Mom didn’t take him out that morning but, feeling a bit adventurous he went by himself. Little Jak sat on the bench near the local play yard where he’d see those other kids play. “How old are you?” a young girl’s voice rang out. Jak looked to the once empty spot next to him. “Oi, I didn’t see you there.” he looks at his hands and tries to count like mom showed him. “Dis many.” he says with his fingers still showing.
“You’re just about my age,” she says as she does the same with her hands, shuffling a little teddy bear between her lap. “Are you new?”

Jak blushed a little. “Not really, I mean mom says I’m rather big and I might hurt other little ones. I usually see you all playing, today I get to play too.”

She smiles, “I’m Luna. Whats your name?”
“I be Jak.” he says a little bolder.
“You can play with me, I’m a Princess.” gripping his hand. “Oi, whats a princess?”

Knock Knock

Jak quickly stuffs teddy back under his pillow. As the door opens.
“Routine. Physical. Inspection.” A cold metallic voice echoed.

Prince-ss Jak

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