• Log Number 112:43N:DD3:Shg
  • Work Station Location: Heject

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  • Date: 245.M41
  • Transcription: Savant Gexary, Ordo Hereticus, Inquisitorial Data-Library Facility, Tri-Corn, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla
  • Subject: Cell C2

The development of Acolyte Cell: C2 has been a grueling process filled with successes and failures. To date, the Cell has performed adequately in its ability to complete assigned missions (this was especially noted with the recently completed task that I sent them on in the Arastus District of Hive Sibellus) but a review of mission after-action reports lead me to believe the Cell is not working together effectively and playing to its strengths while off-setting its weaknesses.

I was most disappointed with their mission execution on the Observation Station on the moon Mono-10. Had they updated me with real-time information on their investigation as I instructed I might have been able to order a course of action that could have prevented the death of Lupo and secured samples of the parasitic Xenos life forms before Inquisitor Xill ordered the destruction of the Station. Perhaps if I had been provided with additional information I could have saved my friend, Karanov from a fate that smells of an assassination that was made to look like an accident.

Likewise, a recent review of the Cell’s actions in the investigation of the Coscarla district of Hive Sibellus concerning the Logicians and their creations of augmented human killing machines revealed that there was a serious lack of teamwork during the final confrontation with the Logician sub-cult leader known as the “Churgeon.” While the successful capture of the Churgeon was mainly due to the lone efforts of the heroic Guardsman Strang, this act in itself was still proof of the team’s lack of cooperation. Interviews with the Cell’s members show blame for a near-death outcome has been assigned to a number of individuals- to Xerxes’ lack of combat effectiveness when he was needed the most, to Jonas’ obvious display of being only concerned with preservation of self, and to Vern’s lack of any staying power in a combat situation.

While the missions on Mono-10 and in the Coscarla Division were near disasters, the Cell did shine with the afore mentioned mission in the Arastus Division. While I will refrain from going into details of the mission itself, suffice to say that the Acolytes executed it to standard.

I look forward to the developed of this Cell. They have potential to become a powerful weapon in the Emperor’s and Inquisition’s war against the enemies of Man-Kind. Further assignments should develop their skills or be their death.


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