Quint's Personal Log- For I Am The Apocolypse

+++After Action Report: For I Am Thy Apocalypse+++
+++Author: Quint+++
++++++PictCorder: Transcribed Audio Only++++++
+++++ERRROR #1090458: Heavy Use of Hive Dialect Slang; Switching to Protocol 391: Metallican Underhive+++++

So’s dat Inquisitor guy I met a ways back come down to da Underhive da odar day an’ told me I was being activated to ‘elp one o’ his “Cells”. ‘E took me to a ship dat was orbiting offworld and introduced me to some o’ da team I’m going to be working wit’, a quiet an’ small fella named Xerxes, and a loud, obnoxious guy named Titus. Afta dat, ‘e told us wot ‘e wanted.

So dare’s dis ship, see. Sand said ‘e finally tracked it down, and dat it attacked anodar ship and stole sumthin’ ‘e called “Exterminatus Weapon”. So’s me an’ da team are given wot gear we ask for an’ ‘den we’re told it’s time to go search dis ship.

We’s ‘ead off in a shuttle so’s to join up wit’ da ship, bossman kept callin’ it da “Wanderlust”. We get dare an’ it’s spooky. Don’t see no one wanderin’ around da ship, lights are all wonky an’ stuff.

We find a bunch o’ dead crew while we’re busy searching around, da bossman tryin’ ta figure out wot ‘appened. I search one o’ da bodies an’ find a pict o’ a nice lookin’ fam dat I decide ta keep fo’ meself. Da rest o’ da gang and meself ‘ave a few run ins wit’ a few wanderin’ gangs wot looks like crew dat went a little nutso out ‘ere in da void.

Finally, we run inta dis scary fragger, ‘e don’t say nuthin’, just starts jumpin’ around, killin’ da StormTroopers dat we ‘ad wit us. Da bossman don’t like dis none, so ‘e yells at us to start runnin’ back ta da suttle. I don’t scare easy, but I’ll admit dat dis was a bit over me ‘ead, so I take off quick. Meself an’ Xerxes stay wit’ da bossman, but dat lumberin’ meatsack Titus decides ta stay behind and try ta kill dat thing.

After ‘e takes a beatin’ we manage ta grab him outa dare and get on da shuttle.

+++End of Transcription+++

Quint's Personal Log- For I Am The Apocolypse

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