Quint's Personal Log- House of Dust and Ash

+++Partial File Retrieval Protocol+++
+++File Damaged, Running Recovery Algorithm+++
+++File Partially Reconstructed, Begin Auto-Transcription Protocol+++
+++File Locked, Inquisition Overrides Required+++
+++Overrides Accepted, Hello Inquisitor Sand+

After the end of the auction of the minor items, we were given the keys to the items we had won during the bidding, and then went back to our seats. The second part of the auction began with the Gilded Widow, which I described earlier. It seemingly woke up, for all that it was an automaton. It allowed the auction goers to ask it questions, and answered them in typical prophetic fashion. After that, pandemonium broke out.

The cowled monks that run the place, taking their queue from their leader, began to attack all of us. Rasar was trapped on the other side of the locked doors, with all of our weapons. It seems that the rest of the lords and ladies had not been as complacent as we had been, as all of them seemed to have weapons of some sort. The man we had identified as Tobias Belasco seemed to be the best off, as he had several heavy weapons built into his chair.

Red took the keys from earlier and started running towards the sword that we had won. I began sprinting towards the locked door, hoping to let Rasar in and to retrieve our weapons. I make it to the locked door and manage to get it open, even with the monks attacking me.

As I was working on the door, I saw Red reach the sword. When I finish getting my Bolt Pistol and Rasar through the door, I looked back and saw a field of black moving through the room, with blood occasionally flying out of it, and bodies appearing at the edge as it moves. I’m not sure what the black cloud was about, but it must have been some sort of Psyker deviltry. I know that Red is in the middle of it, though. Thinking that Red must have gone into some sort of old style berserker rage, and needing him to have his head on straight if we were all going to make it out, I hand over my pistol to Sister Uriel who had assisted me to the door, and run after the darkness.

As a side note, I also noticed at this time that Belasco had taken the central platform and was currently grabbing up most of the keys.

After I reached the dark cloud, I jumped for the middle, hoping that Red was somewhere around it. I didn’t quite tackle him, but I did manage to brush him. After a second or two, the Darkness dissipated, and I calm Red down.

After a frantic battle with the Abbot Tomas O’Shale, who we found was actually a daemon manifestation of shale crows from the planet Iocanthos (see Mission Profile Illumination), we managed to evacuate the auction room with Lord Melua. I’m not sure how, but he is connected with the Haarlocks and may have an important role to play still. We have been in hiding in the catacombs, hiding and resting when we can and moving often to avoid detection.

It saddens me to report that Rasar gave his life so that the rest of us may live. As daemons came pouring out of the Haarlock tomb, Rasar took a stand as the rest of us retreated into the catacombs. His sacrifice gave us the time we needed to escape detection.

I don’t expect that we will last much longer. We are running low on ammunition and supplies. Everyone is injured, and we have had no luck in finding a way out of the mansion, much less off of the island. In addition to everything else, I’ve begun to feel minor land tremors, and am worried about that this might mean.

+++End of File+++

Notes: Grammar is consistent with Quint, post-cotillion training. Data slate was found among wreckage of the House of Dust and Ash in a sarcophagus that had been sealed shut and only partially destroyed in the volcanic eruption.

Quint's Personal Log- House of Dust and Ash

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