Quint's Personal Log- Illumination

+++After Action Report: Illumination+++
+++Author: Quint+++
++++PictCorder: Transcribed Audio Only++++
++++ERRROR #1090458: Heavy Use of Hive Dialect slang; Switching to Protocol 391: Metallican Underhive++++

Bossman is sendin’ us ta sumwhere called Iocanthos. Sumthin’ ‘bout weird lights bein’ seen in da desert, dead walkin’ ‘bout an’ such. So e’s sendin’ da ‘ole group, me an’ Xerxes, Red, Rasar an’ da cogboy.

We land on da planet an’ start workin’ our way ‘round da city we landed in lookin’ for our contact. ‘Ventually ‘e finds us, not ‘afore we get ourselves in a scrape wit’ some back alley gangers wot don’t know ‘ow ta spot easy targets.

So’s we meet up wit’ dis wotsit named Aristarchus, an’ turns out e’s a wyrd. Now I ain’t gots no problems wit’ no wyrds, really. But I does likesta ‘ave me sum fun wit’ dem. So’s I stuck ta him real close like on our ride out ta ‘den outpost.

On our way out ta da outpost, we see some weird stuff, jus’ like da bossman said. Saw some lights flashin’ in da distance, an’ ‘ad some dead guys walk right inta our camp. Didn’t botha me none, tho. Saw worse back in ‘Tallica back when ‘dose cultists made a move on our territory.

We gets ta da outpost an’ da cogboy an’ Xerxes recognize da guy wot greets us, sum cleric called Metalus. So’s dey greets eachother, an’ den we get on wit da briefin’. ‘E tells us ‘bout the goin’ ons ‘round da joint. Some big new church is ‘bout ta be consecrationed, ‘e said. Den ‘e meets us da other boss types ‘round da camp, an’ we ‘ead ta da local dive.

Next day, we’s all got hangovers. We’s sittin’ ‘round, nursin’ our ‘eads, when outa da blue, some backwater savages. Red runs out and plays da hero, rallying da defenders where ‘e can. Da rest o’ us jus’ do wot we can ta stay alive an’ ‘elp out.

After dat, da abbot o’ da place is hurt real bad and says it was dis Esha goon, so’s we ‘ead out after her. We get der an’ Esha tells us dat we’ve been betrayed by da abbot, e’s da real enemy. We get ready ta leave an all o’ da sudden we’re attacked by ‘undreds o’ wot dey call “Shale Crows”. I ‘op in a well and let da rest o’ da party fight ‘em off, shootin’ out wit’ my autopistol every now and den.

We get out o’ dere and ‘ead on back ta da church ta stop da abbot. Rasar drives jus’ like a guy I knew back in ‘Tallica. Drove as fast as ‘e could, ol’ Ironman Sammy. Always tryin’ ta chase down da next big thin’. Anyway, we get ta da church an’ Rasar don’t stop for nothin’, jus’ bust right through da doors an’ charges Aristarchus wit’ da truck.

I sees Aristarchus right ‘afore we ‘it ‘im. Chantin sumthin’ foul dat made my skin crawl, wit his tarot cards circlin’ ‘round ‘im. We’re right ‘bout ta hit ‘im when SMACK, we ‘it da cards an’ go ta a straight dead stop. We all fly out o’ da truck and hit da floor hard.

Some warpspawn appear an’ start takin’ out Rasar an’ Red ‘afore I can kill ‘em off. I figure dem for dead. Vern’ an me take out da rest o’ the warp scum an’ Aristarchus ‘afore ‘e can finish ‘is ritual. A bunch o’ Sisters show up jus’ in time ta do nothin’ an start debriefin’ us.

+++End of Transcription+++

Quint's Personal Log- Illumination

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