Quint's Personal Log- Interlude End

+++Personal Log+++
+++Author: Quint+++
++++++PictCorder: Transcribed Audio Only++++++

I have recently been extricated from my cotillion training by Inquisitor Sand. I have been told that I will be reunited with Red in what will be the newly formed “Red Cell”. Sand believes that, although incomplete, my training has progressed far enough to allow me to pass for a low caste noble. I have been told that these skills will be invaluable with the team’s current assignment, and that I will have opportunities to further my training in the future. These further training sessions will include dancing, singing, and advanced literacy skills.

I am currently en-route to rejoin the team, where the Inquisitor will brief us on our exact mission.

++++End of Transcription++++

Quint's Personal Log- Interlude End

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