Quint's Personal Log- "Objective Amber

After Action Report: Objective Amber
Author: Quint

After Inquisitor Sand gave us our briefing, me and the rest of C2 went to gear up. Apparently the Inquisitor managed to dig up some nicer equipment for this mission. Special rounds of ammunition, grenades, armor. If you could dream it, it was there.

After we got all of our gear on, and the Cogboy went and gave his seal of approval on all of the equipment, we met our pilot. Pilot Locke seemed like he was competent enough, so we proceeded.

We approached the compound, and Vern dropped the Gun Servitors around the compound to provide backup fire support. The Valkyrie then landed on the roof of one of the buildings. Everyone except Vern disembarked from there, and Red managed to trip himself up coming out of the Valkyrie. We met our first real resistance there. On the roof was a horde of mutants about 20 strong, being led by an even larger mutant. While Inquisitor Sand and the rest of C2 fought the mutants, I ran over to the edge of the roof to try grenading the ground troops from there.

After a few seconds, we came under sniper fire from the opposite building. Pullo was hit hard by the first round fired. Since Vern had already taken care of the APC in the courtyard, I took this opportunity to trade shots with the sniper. Although he managed to dodge my shot, I was unable to do the same with his, Being greatly injured by the shot, I left Rasar to battle it out with the sniper and followed Inquisitor Sand and the rest of C2 into the building.

In the building I saw Red being attacked by a nasty looking mutant and Inquisitor Sand engaging another group of mutants. Once he saw I was with him, Inquisitor Sand ordered me to follow him through the horde and down to the next level. After several seconds of frantic shoving, dodging and falling through the horde, me and the Inquisitor were able to get to the other stairs.

We continued running down stairs until we hit the bottom floor. At the bottom we were met by an Autocannon burst, which missed us. Right behind us came Pullo and the rest of C2, who had finished mopping up the muties upstairs. We made short work of the remaining mutants in that building.

Since we hadn’t seen the Scorpion in this building, Sand ordered me to follow him across the courtyard, while he ordered Red to take out the Hydra Flak tank that came out while we were fighting in the building.

I followed Sand across the courtyard to the other building. I quickly took position in a corner, getting ready to back up Sand, when I suddenly get attacked by a throng of mutants. The last thing I remember before everything went black is their claws tearing at my chest. Next thing I know, I’m coming to in the ship’s medbay.

Quint's Personal Log- "Objective Amber

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