Quint's Personal Log- Sight Unseen

+++After Action Report: Sight Unseen+++
+++Author: Quint+++
++++++PictCorder: Transcribed Audio Only++++++
+++++ERRROR #1090458: Heavy Use of Hive Dialect Slang; Switching to Protocol 391: Metallican Underhive+++++

Man, day’s got some good stuff on dis scrap ‘eap. Meself, Titus, a big guy named Red, and a few o’ da other boys was meetin’ up with our contact, guy by da name o’ Solomon Gann. We sittin’ down inna dive somewhere dat Gann knows, an’ I order sumthin’ ta help calm my nerves after our scrape gettin’ onta dis heap. So’s I’m sittin’ ‘dere, totin’ on my obscura while Gann’s givin’ us da rundown. Gann gets up ta go ta da little ladies room and dontcha know it, some new Jack shows up wit’ two greenskin cronies in tow. ‘E says ‘e wants ta talk wit’ our new pal Gann.

Me, I’m still just layin’ back an’ relaxin’. Before I knows wot’s goin’ on, dey start ta attack us, or we attacks ‘em, I ain’t ta sure no more. Dis wakes me up in a hurry, better believe it. But now’s I’m seein’ stuff in a whole new light, see. I never been in no fights ‘igh on obscura ‘afore. Lights are dancin’ all over da place. Jack an’ his friends faces kept breakin’ apart an’ formin’ new faces.

Da rest o’ da group starts shootin’ back. Titus , Rasar an’ Red jump right inta da thick o’ things.

Da rest is a little fuzzy. I must ‘ave ‘idden meself, ‘cause I remember feelin’ dat da fraggin’ greenskins couldn’t see me, even ‘doe I remember one o’ dem nearly cut me in ‘alf. So’s while I was ‘idden in da shadows, I start crawlin’ towards da one greenskin. I’d gotten it in me ‘ead dat even though I couldn’t see straight enough ta shoot, I could still ‘elp da party out by disablin’ da greenskin. I’m still not sure wot me plan was, but I do remember tryin’ ta trip up da greenie by pullin’ ‘is pants down.

From ‘dere, I’m in an’ out of it. I remember Red grabbin’ me an’ runnin’. ‘den we’re in a market an’ Red’s tryin’ ta kill a mutie by shovin’ a few grenades down it’s throat, but all real calmlike, more like ‘e wantsta trade wit’ da thing an jus’ ‘andin’ ‘em over. I passed out after dat, and wake up in a hab unit bein’ tended ta by some old ecclesiarch geezer who looks almost as rundown as da rest o’ dis ‘eap.

Bottom line is, after dis mission, I gotsta go back ta dat dive an’ enjoy meself for awhile.

+++End of Transcription+++

Quint's Personal Log- Sight Unseen

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