Red's Personal Log- Objective Amber

File Name: “Objective Amber”
Author: Red

I got to give it to the boss, when he picks a fight boy oh boy he picks a good one. I thought some of the action I saw back in the 701st was intense but this out shadowed it by a far margin. I guess I better start from the beginning.

After being summoned to the Command Bunker of F.O.B. “Purity”, Inquisitor Sand introduced us to some high ranking stiffs that I personally think I could take without breaking a sweat, but oh well. After introductions, we were all briefed on the situation at hand. Apparently this Scorpion fella was held up in a Pale Throng strong hold located deep within enemy territory and it was job to “escort” him back to the hands of the Imperium for further questioning. We coordinated our strike with local PDF forces so we could assault the strong hold when resistances would be minimal. So after receiving our mission parameters from Inquisitor Sand, we then proceeded to get ready for the mission at hand.

After some new toys and the traditional passing of beans and bullets we loaded up and prepared to ship out. You know theres something about the steady hum of Valkyrie engines that always makes smile, I guess the knowledge that those engines have always brought death and destruction to the enemies of the Imperium or the fact that they’ve always bailed my sorry hide out of one stick situation or another.


As we approached our target our resident cogboy Vern was preparing to do a combat drop of some combat servitors Sands’ managed to get a hold of prior to lift off. Rasar and Quint were steeling themselves for the impending fight to be had. Though I did notice a new face with us, a guy by the name of Pullo. I guess Sands took pity on him or something and offered him a spot on the team after his home station got “aggressively de-orbited”. But back to the topic at hand we were fast approaching the L.Z. and after a few brief words and a gentle nudge from yours truly, we proceeded to airdrop the combat servitors to their predetermined areas. Dropping a little off target some of them, Vern still manage to cover our rears pretty well. On the second pass over the compound we came to a brief hover over the east building roof where one of the combat servitors managed to land. Everyone quickly disembarked from the Valkyrie without any real trouble… well almost everyone, I on the other hand I didn’t. Quickly recovering from my ever so graceful disembark, I came to realize the flood of Pale Throng militia flooding the roof tops of both our building and the neighboring western building. While our team engaged the horde, a huge bugger stood out from the crowd as if he was pointing the mob to us, so I decided to go introduce myself to it with a firm shake of my power fist sparking with energy on my right arm. Sadly the heretic didn’t react to well when my power fist met him in person. With the big boy dispatched I proceeded to into building to clear out other any other resistance to would come to meet us.

Proceeding down the stairwell from the roof, I ran into a man well at least what I thought was a man at first glance but after quick blinking of my eyes clear of the haze that seem to fill my vision, the man’s true nature came to light. The man was not a man but some kind of twisted version of one, where a normal man’s head would have a mouth, nose, ears, and eyes, all that could be seen on it’s head was one big mouth filled with teeth that look like it could do more damage then any normal man’s hands could. Not sparing a moment I charged into hand to hand combat with the beast. As I charged into combat something felt off. As if my eyes couldn’t focus on him. After trading a few blows with the foul mutant I noticed it dodged my attacks as if it could see my moves before they even happened. At that moment Inquisitor Sand and Quint bolted past me only proceed to the next floor below. As they vanished from my sight down the next set of stair wells I could hear the bark of some large caliber gun open up. Hearing this I pressed my attack on with renewed vigor. Throwing blow after blow the creature kept dodging my attacks, but within the blink of eye two of my blows landed. This was all it took to crush it under the power of my power fist. Taking a quick breath I ran off to catch up with the Inquisitor.

Finally catching up with Inquisitor Sand and the rest of the group on the bottom floor of the building, I notice the floor littered with bodies of the Pale Throng militia. Keeping pace with Inquisitor Sand we bolted out the bottom floor of the building into courtyard only to be met by the quad barrels of a Hydra Flak tank. While in the air, one might be worried to be in it’s sights, but while on the ground and only a few yards away from the business end of it’s guns, existence was only a matter of seconds. Trying to keep pace with the Inquisitor his voice rung out over the battlefield. “Red!…Take out that tank!”

Now some might say it was a lack of common sense, heat of the moment, or just faith in the emperor himself, but whatever it was I never broke my stride and turned head on to take on the tank. Losing sight of the Inquisitor, I began to mount the top of the tank. At the exact same time as I closed with the tank, the hordes of Pale Throng finally over came the combat servitors and began flooding the yard as well as surround the tank with me on top of it. Set in my goals I began unleashing my fury into the tank with my charged fist. With each blow the armor plating of the tank began buckling and collapsing. Looking up I noticed I was cut off from the group, even if I was to knock out the tank, the hordes of Pale Throng surrounding me and clambering onto the tank with me were bond to finish me off. No matter at this point I was ready to die for Inquisitor Sand and the Emperor but I would not sale my life cheap. With one last fury of blows my fist pierced the hull of the tank, I must of punctured a fuel line or something because less then a moment later the tank exploded with me on top.

Knocked clear of the tank wreckage with the explosion, picking myself up I notice that I wasn’t the only affected by the blast. The hordes surrounding me seem to have taken the brunt of the blast. What was left of the horde that wasn’t running away was lying on the ground dead or dying. Voxing back to the Inquisitor, I confirmed that the tank was destroyed and was now regrouping on his position. Traveling through the next building across the courtyard I finally met back up with the group on the roof. Looking around when I got to the roof, it looks like I wasn’t the only one who had fun. The wreckage of what looks like a Valkyrie litter the roof with only a lone survivor still breathing. At the moment in time Vern and the pilot brought our Valkyrie around to land on the roof to pick us up. Loading up, we were given one final surprise as what I guess the brother of the mutant I dispatched from the other building tried attacking us, but well… lets just say he met the same fate as his brother.

…. End Log.

Red's Personal Log- Objective Amber

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