Red's Personal Log- Sight Unseen

File Name: “Sight Unseen”
Author: Red


“Scorpion”, “Scorpion”, “Scorpion”. That seems to be the only name I’ve been hearing of lately, especially from the boss. Damn who ever this guy is, it has the boss all but consumed. Hopefully the boss won’t let this guy get to him too much.

Anyways it looks like Sand has picked up the trail of this “Scorpion” fella. We’ve been called to the ready room for a briefing on our next possible lead on this guy. Better go see what in store for our pitiful little band of misfits. Heh…



Emperor bless it all! Those damn briefings are always boring and you think they turn on the blasted ac units on to make it not so hot and stuffy in there.

Looks like the boss has got a good lead on the “Scorpion”. One of Sand’s undercover agents Solomon Gann has spotted the target on an old orbital station called the “Coffin”, sounds about right in my opinion almost sounds like the thing is about to fall out of the sky. So from what it sounds like we are supposed to infiltrate the station and link up with Solomon Gann for further info on the target. Of course it wouldn’t be a proper mission without some kind of snafu to throw into it. It looks like the boss has also intercepted a transmission from Inquisitor Jezehell from the Ordo Xenos. The transmission was kind of vague but it sounds like she came in contact with some kind of xenos and its given her and her crew a pretty good licking. We are ordered to investigate the transmission and aid Inquisitor Jezehell if at all possible as a secondary objective to the mission.

Well it’s time to get prepped for the mission at hand. Will report more when we return.



…(indubitable noises)…
Bugs!! It had to be bugs! It’s like I can still feel them scratching and clawing their way through my mind, that feeling alone makes my skin crawl. I hope I never have to go through something like that again but in this line of duty the chances are pretty good that I… we will have to fight them again. I guess I better start from the beginning.

Well it all started by a somewhat uncomfortable space walk on the outside hull of the station.(Personally I like my feet in the dirt or a heretic’s skull if I can help it.) After a brief spacewalk we found a suitable entry location on the station and began enter station unnoticed or so I thought. Upon exiting the air lock into the station itself, we found ourselves in the hide out of some piss poor group calling themselves a gang. Before words could be exchanged by anyone a brief firefight broke out and as quickly as it started it ended. All but one of the gang members were …silenced. Capturing the last surviving member of the gang of men we commenced to questioning him about him and the local situation of the station. With some convincing from the group the man’s life was spared for service as a local guide around the station. Emperor was sure smiling on that poor schmuck that day.

After stashing our excess gear for the time being we took our new found guide and went for a walk around the station. Pretty soon the social structure of the station was clear. There were two main areas of concern. One was the “Dome Side” where the farms, markets, and governing body of the station was located and the other was the “Underdark”. The “Underdark” was a sewer at best. Here was where most of the populace resided, living in squalor and filth the people had distinct fear of outsiders of any sort. After being shown around the station we released our pressed ganged guide with his life and told him not to be so eager to pick fights in the future with strangers. After trying to get a few answers from the locals with no luck the group decided to try their luck top side in the dome. Not long after reaching the outskirts of the market place, we were confronted by the local authorities or in this case strong arm “tax collectors”. We were soon informed that all visitors were to pay a “visitor’s tax”. (Such bull!) After some poor negotiations on our part it seemed like the only left to get out of our situation was by force but luckily for us a new voice cut the tension between the two groups like a chain knife through grox flank. It was the voice of Solomon Gann, with a few words and the passing of some coin our would be tax collectors parted with no arguments. (I swear that man was born with a silver tongue, I’ve never seen someone talk their way out of situation in my life.)

Now with calmer heads prevailing we fallowed Gann back to a local bar that he happen frequent lately. Setting up in a rear booth Gann pulled out a small black box that seemed almost useless but goes to show you I know nothing past my guardsman training. That black box happen to be a total comms black out device, short of being a witch no one could eve’s drop on our little pow wow. Not long after we sat down at the booth and started talking about the where about of the “Scorpion”, Gann excused himself for a moment to answer natures call. Our group was then approached by what turned out to be a group of bounty hunters that happen to have two ork free-bootas which is rare in itself. At this point Emperor knows we became par for the course with our social skills and almost immediately we tore that bar apart as we tore into the orks. Of course the orks didn’t go down without a fight; you can ask Quint about that. He received the brunt of the damage for some reason of course I’m not too surprised seeing how the little punching bag was high as kite off of obscura. (Though watching him worm his way across the floor and trying to de-pants one of the orks was almost worth hauling his sorry hide off to safety later on.)

After the fight, we lost track of Gann but we had no time to stick around and look for him. Our group split into two, Titus and Rasar went off one direction and I snatched up Quint and carried him off in the other. Dodging local authorities I was able to retreat to the “Underdark” and barter for some first aid for my wounded comrade. I finally found a little hole in the wall shed we were able bed down in for the but we weren’t alone when we arrived. As I dragged Quint into the shed I noticed a man lying asleep in the corner of the room. With some hesitation I let the man be and eased Quint down on a make shift bed roll and proceeded to watch over him for the night till he regained consciousness. During the middle of the night the man asleep in the corner woke up and tried to strike up a conversation with me, I wasn’t too willing to talk to the stranger seeing how I knew nothing of him and I might as well consider everyone that I didn’t know hostile. The man then took me by surprise when he formed the sign of the Aquila and asked if I served the Emperor. Taken back by this, I simply nodded and pulled out my Aquila pendant showing it to the man then putting it back moments later. The man smiled and introduced himself as a imperial missionary that he had been stationed at the “Coffin” for the past two years, after talking with the man for some time I was able to have render aid to the wounded Quint, as well as inform me on what had been happening with the people of the “Underdark”. After being filled in on their blight, I took it upon myself to investigate the matter before I completed the mission. (I’ll be damned if I didn’t repay the favor let alone help out a faithful servant of the Emperor to the best of my ability. Of course the boss can be one scary son of a grox but I will deal with that when I get to it.)

Finally when Quint came to in the morning, we packed up our gear and headed out to link back up with the rest of the group. Finally tracking down the other members of the team I convinced them to help me follow up on a few leads that the missionary gave me in our brief stay. With some effort we were able to arrange a meeting with the so called “Mayor” of the “Underdark” and get the exact details of what was going on. After convincing the mayor of our intensions to aid him to help rid whatever was preying on his citizens, he gave us a guide to show us where all the disappearances had been taking place. Once we got to our destination the guide instantly bided us good luck and hauled ass back to safety. We proceeded on our way further into the darkness, but our march was not without some interesting moments. We encountered increasing resistance the further we traveled. One thing that did spark my interest was the occasional deformed human, at first I thought he was a mutant of some sort with extra arms, or the razor sharp talons coming from the hands. The mutated humans were not the only thing that caused me to start worrying about the safety of the group let alone my own. Our surrounding started to…change. The floor, ceiling and the walls started to ooze and take on a more organic texture. Our auspex started giving us false readings, it kept saying something was there but every time we check it out, nothing was there. Pretty soon bone or what look damn close to it appeared. Following the bone even deeper we found a chamber littered with bodies and a huge pool in the middle and a body of someone attached to the wall just a short distance away from it. Clearing the room I slowly approached the body on the wall, with a cough and a sudden jerk the body spasm to life which in turn I trained my bolt pistol on the head and demanded it identify itself. (I’ll be honest. When that chick started to move, it scared the piss out of me.) After a brief interrogation and enough convincing we found out that the woman attached to the wall was Inquisitor Jezehell. She had been tracking down the reports of a gene stealer cult located on station, but came to find out the infestation was far worse then she had expected. Her team was slaughtered and she was captured only to be fed to the beasts slowly.

Releasing the Inquisitor from her restraints we left her in the hands of Pullo as we carried on further into the lair. Finally reaching a large chamber that felt like being inside a stomach or some other cavity that should be housed by some large creature, we were confronted by several genestealers as well as a genestealer magus. In the center of the room a large beating organ which could be taken for a heart, beat with a strong pulse. Taking only a moment to collect ourselves we engaged the nearest genestealers and took them out of action as fast as we could but before we could continue we were assaulted. We weren’t physically assaulted but psychically. A pressure started to form in my head and grew to the point to where I couldn’t see or think straight and pretty soon I blacked out. When I regain consciousness the magus and genestealers were killed and the heart was destroyed. Due to series of unforeseen events that we had a hand in, the station was deorbited and all hands on board were killed as we made our escape.

+++End Session+++

Red's Personal Log- Sight Unseen

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